Be called by the consumer association! After Li Jiaqi, Li Xueqin also responded

 Be called by the consumer association! After Li Jiaqi, Li Xueqin also responded

Li Xueqin himself also said: I will do nothing to cheat you, I will never do fraud. But she also said that she also has the responsibility for this matter and will be more cautious in choosing partners in the future.

Li Jiaqi responds: will be responsible to the end

Event review: Wang Han, Li Xueqin and Li Jiaqi were named by China Consumer Association

During the monitoring period, a total of 334083 pieces of negative information about live delivery with goods were collected. The slot points mainly focused on two aspects, namely, star bringing goods suspected of fraud, low after-sales service satisfaction and poor experience.

On the 20th, the Chinese Consumer Association released an analysis report on public opinions on consumer rights protection during the period from October 20 to November 15. It was found that the negative consumption information during this years double 11 promotion activities mainly focused on live delivery and unreasonable rules, and named Wang Han, Li Xueqin and Li Jiaqi The live broadcasting room is not allowed to change after buying.

Hot topics and online shopping transactions are on the same screen and the same frequency, buy buy buy and talk about real-time interaction has become the biggest feature of public opinion in the online and offline consumption fields of this years double 11.

Microblog is the main front

During the period from November to November, a total of 1429 653 pieces of information were collected during the period from November to November. During the monitoring period, the consumer rights protection information curve showed a fluctuating trend, and three public opinion volume peaks appeared on October 21, November 1 and November 11, which were closely related to the opening Carnival and two waves of promotion of several head e-commerce platforms. Among them, the peak appeared on November 11 with 1051437.

Daily information volume of consumer rights protection

According to the Chinese Consumer Association, during the monitoring period, a total of 334083 pieces of negative information about live with goods were collected. The daily amount of negative information is relatively stable, with an average daily number of 12373, among which the public opinion information on November 11 is the highest.

Live broadcast of negative trend of goods

From the perspective of information dissemination channels, microblog is the main channel of consumer rights protection information dissemination during the double 11 period, accounting for 56.30% of the total amount of information; the second is the client, accounting for 18.16%; the third is wechat, accounting for 12.16%.

Information quantity and proportion distribution of consumer rights protection channels

According to the China Economic and social association, during the monitoring period, there were 334083 negative information about live delivery, and slot point mainly focused on two aspects: Star goods with suspected of being swindled, low satisfaction of after-sales service and poor experience.

On the one hand, the counterfeiting of influence indicators such as the number of viewers bragging and the water injection of sales data has formed an industrial chain. On the other hand, competition in the same industry, such as malicious bill swiping, fancy kicking and false reporting, also pollutes the live broadcasting ecology. The Chinese Consumer Association said, for example, Wang Han and Li Xueqin, for example, were suspected of dumping goods with live broadcast.

According to media reports, the screenshots of the circle of friends circulated on the Internet showed that in Wang Hans Shunde special live broadcast on November 6, 1323 sets were sold and 1012 sets were refunded on the same day after the merchants paid 100000 yuan for the broadcast. The refund rate was as high as 76.4%. And other businesses also have similar experience, leading to shops received false trading platform warning.

Screenshot of Wang Hans special live broadcast in Shunde

In response to Wang Hans suspected bill swiping behavior, the signing party of Wang Han, Galaxy stars, responded that this is false. At present, the platform is involved in the investigation, and the specific source of the attack has not been identified. On the 17th, Bai Tao, the informant, issued a statement saying that the rumor about Wang Hans carrying goods was false and untrue.

According to media reports, on the evening of November 11, the popular talk show actors Li Xueqin and Yang Tiantian participated in a live broadcast on a certain platform, and most of the interaction with her were fake robot fans. A staff member who participated in the whole live broadcast said that of the 3.11 million viewers at the end of the day, less than 110000 really existed. The number of other viewers was all spent money, and most of the comments of fans who interacted with Li Xueqin in the comment area were also printed by machines.

Screenshot of Li Xueqins live broadcast

For example, a consumer once tweeted: whats the operation of Li Jiaqis live broadcasting room?? The first time the car overturned, it was just selling, regardless of after-sales? What do you mean if you dont want to buy it? Whats the robbery in the studio? Cost so much effort to rob, the result appears quality problem, let me return goods not let me change prevaricate me? How dare I shop in the studio?

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The routine is complicated and the calculation is too deep

Wool collectors are often cut leeks

1. E-commerce selectively push coupons and kill them accurately;

On November 4, @ looked at it quickly: e-commerce is on the alert of big data. The price difference of the same commodity with different account numbers is 25 yuan u0dcf] this year, the double 11 online shopping festival began on November 1. Many consumers are ready to empty their shopping carts and have a good time. But at the same time, we should be alert to one thing, that is, big data killing. On October 16, when Ms. Han of Beijing used her mobile phone to shop on an e-commerce platform, she mistakenly used another mobile phone to check out. However, she found that the same product of the same business, which has been registered for 12 years and has been used frequently and consumed a total of nearly 260000 yuan, is 25% more expensive than the ordinary account which has been registered for more than five years, rarely used and with a total consumption of more than 2400 yuan Its a dollar.

On November 2, @ Sina Technology said, is it reasonable to refund only after the balance payment has been paid? [Guangming Daily: Chong ah, the person who pays the last payment, is it reasonable to chop hands? u3011As an artificial Festival, double 11 is more and more worthy of its name. Its sense of ceremony is becoming more and more grand, and businesses continue to strengthen the sense of ceremony and enhance the sense of participation of consumers. Impossible to guard against consumers Tucao and voice, if we first rise and fall, and then become inferior, we will be unable to make complaints about the routine. Consumers participation in the double 10 will be overconsumed, and the symbolic meaning built up over the years will be gradually dispelled.

On November 11, @ Yi Xiaohan: many people said that the refund entrance was closed on the day of double 11 u1987 no refund u0dcf!!! It has been clearly written on the prompt that the refund entry for undelivered orders will be closed at 0:00 on November 11 and opened at 0:00 on November 12. So if you want a refund, try again at 0:00 on November 12!

3. Such as calculation of full reduction, allowance, red envelope, merger and purchase, which is comparable to the method of mathematical examination questions.

From microblog

The second is that either the old pattern of sales promotion dominated by flow thinking or the so-called new play method designed according to social algorithm will face deconstructive change and reshape the consumption ecology of the industry.

Third, new technologies and new formats represented by social algorithm and live broadcast with goods will accelerate the speed of self revolution and iterative updating in front of the consumption behavior choice of voting with feet.

At the same time, we call on consumers to keep sober enough to the anchor effect (as a psychological phenomenon, the anchor effect often implies that consumers will unconsciously give too much attention to the initial information when making decisions), be alert to the passive acceptance of pre emptive, select the appropriate anchor point according to their own needs, and inspect and receive information in an all-round way u3002 We should not only choose the material benefits of visible, tangible and reliable, but also maintain a good consumption mentality, and enter according to the demand and go out when the demand is met. We should not only consider the utility of consumption choice from the level of understanding oneself, but also examine the healthy rationality of weighing ones own consumption behavior from the perspective of social responsibility.

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