Management Optimization of directors, supervisors and senior managers in securities fund industry

 Management Optimization of directors, supervisors and senior managers in securities fund industry

The substantial impact is not significant, mainly procedural issues. Wang Jiyue, a former senior sponsor, told reporters.

Specifically, the administrative measures involve four aspects: first, optimize the procedures and conditions of the relevant personnel in the securities and fund industry; second, clarify the practice norms and restrictions, restrict the practice behavior from multiple angles, and strengthen the external reputation and integrity constraints; third, strengthen the internal control responsibility of the securities fund business institutions, so as to ensure that the post is guaranteed, the performance of duties is checked and balanced, and the resignation is supervised; The fourth is to strengthen the supervision in the process and after the event, and strengthen the investigation of responsibility, so as to realize no blind spot and blind spot in supervision and accountability.

The administrative measures have relaxed the basic requirements for directors, supervisors and senior executives of securities companies. For example, it is no longer necessary to participate in the level test, and personnel with certain working experience and regulatory experience are allowed to be exempted from the test; the work experience restrictions are moderately relaxed to introduce professionals in financial technology and other fields; the education requirements and the recommendation system are cancelled.

On the other hand, the internal control requirements of securities fund companies become stricter, which requires the combination of pre employment investigation, in-service performance supervision and post departure audit, and strengthening the requirements of integrity and compliance, and improving the negative list management.

It is worth noting that this is the first time that the regulations on the qualification management of securities fund practitioners have been optimized after more than ten years.