Cheng Xiaos ancient costume looks like a fairy

 Cheng Xiaos ancient costume looks like a fairy

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Cheng Xiaos ancient costume is similar to that of fairies, and his cartoon face is flawless (source: Houchang village exposure Society)

Houchang village reported on November 22 that recently, the agency saw Cheng Xiao filming in Hengdian.

On the same day, Cheng Xiao appeared in an ancient costume. With the comic face and the costume, it was almost like a fairy. Cheng Xiao dances on the stage with props and hydrangeas. She turns around and dances the ribbon. When she throws the hydrangea into the sky, her face cant be more beautiful. The 360 degree face without dead corners is indeed a cartoon womans sense of vision. After finishing her make-up and finishing her clothes, Cheng Xiao filmed again.

Before that, we met Cheng Xiao and Gu Jiacheng in Hengdian.

On that day, Cheng Xiao wore a long pink dress with black hair on her back. Gu Jiacheng is a guigongzi, two people stand in the shed ready to shoot.

After the shooting starts, Gu Jiacheng grabs Cheng Xiaos arm, and then talks about his lines. Cheng Xiao is also a character in seconds, with a shy little deers expression and Gu Jiachengs play. Gu Jiacheng holds Cheng Xiaos arm, then slowly approaches Cheng Xiaos face. Cheng Xiao closes his eyes and waits for a kiss. After that, Gu Jiacheng goes over Xiaochengs face and says something to her ear. After that, Cheng Xiao pushes Gu Jiacheng away in a rage and completes the shooting of the current scene.

After shooting, the assistant puts on his coat for Cheng Xiao. After a short break, he continues to shoot the following plot. I dont know what kind of sparks they will make in the play. Its really a little expectation.

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