The judging standard of actor please be in position 2 is questioned: s card becomes encouragement card

 The judging standard of actor please be in position 2 is questioned: s card becomes encouragement card

You know, its not enough to get her a few months? (source: ~)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 22 that in the latest issue of actors please be in place 2, director Er Dongsheng sent the S-card that should have been given to the best performing actor to new actor Zhang Yue. The reason is that the promotion of other actors in the group is very safe, while Zhang Yue is more dangerous, so he gave her an s card to encourage her. As soon as the clip appeared, it caused controversy on the Internet. The standard of s card should be acting, but now it has gradually become an encouragement card, which deviates from the original intention of the program.

Previously, in the first episode of the program, Guo Jingming gave he Changxi, who has poor acting skills, an S-card, on the ground that he is encouraged to be the worst. This has caused a huge controversy in the program. The other three directors do not agree with Guo Jingmings practice. Li Chengru even criticized Guo Jingmings practice of turning hands for clouds, covering hands for rain. He said that there should be a unified standard for issuing s-cards, and it is for other actors to encourage poor performance Its unfair.

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Chen Kaiges s s cards are all given to young actors to help them progress, and he is criticized just like Guo Jingming

But with the programs broadcast, other directors began to bring their preferences and ideas into the judging standard. For example, Kaige Chen was very optimistic about Chen Wei Wei. Even though he did not play well, he would try to maintain him. He finally gave S card to Chen Youwei. Shing Yee, in order to get Zhang Yue to be promoted, chose to send S card to her who did not make complaints about her acting. What difference do you make complaints about Guo Jingming? Please come back, teacher Li Chengru.

Li Chengru questioned Guo Jingmings criteria: he didnt like the practice of turning hands for rain

Netease Entertainment reported on October 11 that in the latest variety show, Guo Jingming gave he Changxi S-card, and Li Chengru, an old actor, questioned I dont like all kinds of methods of turning hands for rain and covering hands for clouds. four directors have eight s cards, and there are 40 actors. There is a problem of fairness and justice and the problem of affirming his acting skills and performance standards. It is not something you can do with your own will Guo Jingming responded that the director can issue S-card according to his own heart, you can not like it, but please allow it to exist. The two hold on to each other, and the scene atmosphere becomes very serious.

In the latest issue of a variety show, Guo Jingming gave he Changxi an s card, which aroused heated discussion among netizens. Many netizens said that he Changxis performance was not enough to obtain the card. On October 11, he Changxi made a response to the incident. He said that he was a new actor and took part in the program with a little confidence in singing, dancing and variety show. However, after the first performance, he was poured a basin of cold water, and he was still far from good. He expressed his thanks to Director Chen Kaige for his guidance, and especially to Director Guo Jingming for giving him a precious S-card. These are great encouragement and opportunities for him to be reborn! He also said that he would continue to work hard to express his dream of becoming an excellent actor. It was a precious experience for him to participate in the program. These experiences are too precious for him as a performer!

Many netizens also cheered for he Changxi in the comment area: Xi Xi, continue to refuel and make progress together! As a new actor, there are too many areas to improve, so keep trying to prove yourself with strength!

He Changxis full text:

Hello everyone, Im new player he Changxi!

In the talent show in 2019, I entered the performing arts circle as an idol. Slowly, I established some self-confidence on the stage of singing, dancing and variety show. With this self-confidence, the newborn calf came to the actor please be in place. The first performance and the first comment made me feel chilly and chilly. It was really too bad. After one performance, the whole person was confused. Actors are craftsmen and ascetics. They need a long time of experience and precipitation!

I do act immature, experience blank, no works. But I want to learn! I want to grow! I want to broaden my horizons in acting!

I am very clear in my heart: you must know yourself before you can be in position.

I want to be a good actor, I want to fight for a precious opportunity. More need the professional authority of the directors advice, now that I have the courage to come, I will accept all the criticism, even brick. These experiences are too precious for my acting skill Xiaobai!

Thank you, director Chen Kaige, for your guidance. I also thank director Guo Jingming for giving me a precious s card. These are great encouragement and opportunities for me to be reborn!

Whether it is an idol or a new actor now, I know that I have three hearts: awe for the stage and profession; shame: courage after knowing the shame; grateful heart: to be grateful and cherish everyone who gives opportunities!

Thank you very much.

Zhao Wei comments on Lou Yixiao: talented actor, please be in place_ NBJS12019