Let bygones be bygones? Meng Ziyi sent an article to thank Guo Jingming: Thank you for your tolerance

 Let bygones be bygones? Meng Ziyi sent an article to thank Guo Jingming: Thank you for your tolerance

After reading Mencius letter of thanks, netizens said, is this a reconciliation with Guo Jingming? Im still waiting to see the play. Some netizens also said that the clips broadcast in the program were edited. The real situation may not be as at war as in the video clips, and there may be no conflict between the two in private.

Full text:

#First of all, I want to thank director Guo Jingming for giving me this opportunity! Thank you for your company, inclusiveness and encouragement. I pointed out the problems in my performance. Because breakthrough and change are the aspiration of every actor. This is also the original intention of me to come to please be in place for actors. I have learned a lot here and know that I still have many shortcomings. Many voices have been heard and seen. All the criticisms and suggestions will be seriously considered and changed !

As a pentatonic + body discordant person, I never dare to imagine that I also have the opportunity to play a good singer and dancer, talented musician. I am really happy that I can try new things and experience new feelings in life through my role! However, Im sorry to the staff of the program group who listen to me practice songs and watch me practice dancing. I can only feel wronged if I cant make it quickly! Hard work, you follow me!

Finally, I would like to thank all the directors and actors on the stage again. Everyone has brought me different inspiration. After experiencing, listening and feeling, I will start again. #Actors, please be seated#

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repeat the stock tricks? Meng Ziyi changed his makeup without authorization and angered Guo Jingming

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Guo Jingming criticizes Meng Ziyi angrily (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 15, in the next issue of actors please be in place, Meng Ziyi arbitrarily changed his makeup and hair, which angered Guo Jingming. In this regard, Meng Ziyi issued an article to respond to his own behavior.

Recently, in Guo Jingmings group of actor please be in place, a series of disputes about actor Meng Ziyi have aroused concern. In the preview of the latest program, Guo Jingming expressed his dissatisfaction with Meng Ziyi in front of the camera, and even said that he would not shoot again, becoming the focus of the program generation.

According to the clip in the preview, the director Guo Jingming criticized Meng Ziyis makeup and hair group he suspected of using when he was making up. I dont shoot Mencius Yi. Your beauty is just a net red face. If you dare to change your make-up or make-up, dont shoot it.

In this regard, Mencius Yifa long response to the matter: since the filming of the controversy in my body is the net red face, everyones opinion I can not control, I choose to accept! It was clarified that there was no makeup change, it was just that there was not enough manpower, so we used our own modeling team, which was carried out after getting permission from the program team, and it was done according to the fixed makeup card. As for Meng Liyi, she was criticized for her mistakes at that time.

It is not the first time that Mencius changed his makeup and hair. Before that, when she and Yuan Yongyi cooperated in the first grade, she was criticized by Yuan Yongyi on the spot because of the difference in makeup and hair in the two days. Moreover, she did something wrong. She also disliked yuan Yongyis poor Putonghua and made yuan Yongyi angry and committed heart disease.

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