Live with goods frequency explosion thunder! Li Jiaqi, Li Xueqin and other responses were named by the China Consumer Association

 Live with goods frequency explosion thunder! Li Jiaqi, Li Xueqin and other responses were named by the China Consumer Association

As soon as the news came out, it was instantly hot searched. Many netizens said that there are many items purchased on live broadcast, which may be delayed after-sale; some netizens also said that the cost of pit space for the host is becoming more and more expensive, which will only lead to the situation that wool is out of sheep.

According to the report of the Chinese Consumer Association, some consumers once directly pointed to Li Jiaqi in microblog: whats the operation of Li Jiaqis live broadcasting room? The first time the car overturned, it was just selling, regardless of after-sales? What do you mean if you dont want to buy it? Whats the robbery in the studio? Cost so much effort to rob, the result appears quality problem, let me return goods not let me change prevaricate me? How dare I shop in the studio?

The screenshots are from the official account of China Consumers Association.

In addition, according to the report of the Chinese Consumer Association, the screenshots of the circle of friends circulated on the Internet showed that in Wang Hans Shunde special live broadcast on November 6, 1323 sets were sold and 1012 sets were refunded on the same day after the merchants paid 100000 yuan for the broadcast, with a refund rate of 76.4%. And other businesses also have similar experience, leading to shops received false trading platform warning.

The screenshots are from the official account of China Consumers Association.

Li Xueqin, an actor of the popular talk show, has become a witness of counterfeiting. On the evening of November 11, she participated in a live broadcast with Yang Tiantian and other invited guests on a certain platform, and most of the people who interacted with her were fake robot fans. A staff member who participated in the whole live broadcast said that of the 3.11 million viewers at the end of the day, less than 110000 really existed. The number of other viewers was all spent money, and most of the comments of fans who interacted with Li Xueqin in the comment area were also printed by machines.

The screenshots are from the official account of China Consumers Association.

Emergency response

As soon as the report of the Chinese Consumer Association came out, it was immediately hot searched. Later, Li Jiaqi and Li Xueqin responded one after another.

Li Jiaqi Fang said that there is no buy not let change situation. After purchasing a certain sports shoes, the consumer contacted the customer service of the brand store on November 6 and said that there was a quality problem with the goods. After preliminary communication between the brand and the customer, the sports shoes had been sold out and could not be replaced. A refund was supported. On November 8, the brand store has completed the refund to the customer. On November 12, the brand store contacted the customer by telephone to inform him that the refund had been completed and was willing to provide a store coupon.

In addition, Li Jiaqi said that after contacting the customer service of the live broadcasting room to reflect the after-sales problems, the customer immediately contacted the brand side to actively coordinate and gave a reply within 48 hours. At the same time, Li Jiaqi side said that if there are still opinions on the current after-sales solutions, he will be fully responsible for the end.

In response to Wang Hans suspected bill swiping behavior, the signing party of Wang Han, Galaxy stars, responded that this is false. At present, the platform is involved in the investigation, and the specific source of the attack has not been identified. At the same time, the informant Bai Tao also issued a statement saying that Wang Hans rumor about carrying goods was false and untrue.

As a matter of fact, this is not the first rollover of live delivery. A few days ago, Wang Hai, a professional anti-counterfeiter, wrote that the instant birds nest sold in Simbas live room was sugar water. This led to the start-up shares (603557. SH) of Simbas A-share company suffered losses, and the stock prices fell continuously on November 19 and 20.

With the growing popularity of live delivery, regulatory agencies have issued regulations to promote the healthy and orderly development of the internet live marketing industry. The state Cyber Information Office recently released the Internet live marketing information content service management regulations (Draft) to achieve the purpose of prohibiting illegal activities such as the falsification of live data flow and the release of false information.

Screenshots from the official account of the network office

The draft clearly states that the live marketing platform should prevent and stop illegal advertising, price fraud and other violations of the rights and interests of users, and warn users of the risks of private transactions outside the platform in a significant way. At the same time, live marketing platform should establish a live room operator account credit evaluation management system and blacklist system. In addition, operators and marketing personnel of live broadcasting room shall not release false information, deceive or mislead users; they shall not fabricate or tamper with the attention, browsing volume, like volume and transaction volume. The live broadcast room shall not contain illegal and bad information. In the key links such as the title and cover of the live broadcast room, the name and head picture of the live broadcast account, the dress and image of the live marketing personnel, it is not allowed to mislead users by means of hint.

In addition, Hu Guang, a lawyer from Beijing Yingke (Changsha) law firm, said that stars or anchors, as hot public figures, recommend commodities in the form of their own images and live broadcast, which conforms to the definition of advertising operators and advertising spokesmen in Chinas advertising law, that is, the identity of stars or anchors in live delivery belongs to advertising spokesmen and advertising operators Competition and cooperation.

Lawyer Hu Guang pointed out that if a star or anchor fails to provide the real name, address and effective contact information of the advertiser in the live delivery, the consumer can ask the star or anchor to make compensation in advance; at the same time, if the false advertisement of goods or services related to the life and health of consumers causes consumer damage, the star or anchor shall bear joint and several liability with the advertiser, If the star or anchor knows or should know that the advertisement is false, the star or anchor shall bear joint and several liability with the advertiser.

If they are cheated in purchasing goods or are hindered after sales, consumers can first contact the merchants directly. If not, they can consider complaining to the consumer association or the market supervision and Administration Bureau. If they cant, they can sue to the court. Hu Guang said.