Nearly 70 billion flood of lifting the ban: 4 shares, with a ratio of more than 50percent (attached shares)

 Nearly 70 billion flood of lifting the ban: 4 shares, with a ratio of more than 50percent (attached shares)

*St OP is a comprehensive service provider integrating intelligent logistics, integrated e-commerce platform and supply chain finance. It was once a leading third-party steel logistics enterprise in China. Its storage capacity reached 2.7 million tons at the peak period and 3.4 million tons at the peak of annual processing capacity. In 2014, * ST ORP was once favored by investors after it was listed on the small and medium-sized board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In June 2015, it was held as a 100 yuan stock by shareholders, with a market value of 18.7 billion yuan.

Chen Lihao, the actual controller of Zhongji investment, the companys controlling shareholder, has been on the Hurun 100 rich list for many times. At the age of 25, he started to set foot in the iron and steel industry and founded five iron and steel companies, which can be called the iron and steel king worthy of the name. However, in recent years, Chen Lihao has become a person who has been executed for breaking his promise. In May this year, Chen Lihao was investigated by the CSRC for suspected violation of securities laws and regulations.

On November 16, * ST ORP announced that all the shares of the company (47.43%) held by China base investment will be publicly auctioned on Jingdong auction bankruptcy liquidation platform from December 2, 10 to December 3, this year, with the starting unit price of 0.539 yuan / share. After the completion of the auction process, the companys controlling shareholder and actual controller intend to change.

Prior to this, the IPO of * ST OP was suspended because its share price was continuously lower than the par value. It was hoped that this auction could introduce new investors and avoid losing the qualification to resume listing. However, the news of China base investment bankruptcy is undoubtedly adding to the frost, * ST opop may be on the verge of delisting.

Runhe materials and other popular concept stocks will be lifted next week

Next week, 37 stocks will be lifted, with a total market value of 68.946 billion yuan calculated according to the latest closing price. According to the data of shareholders at the end of the third quarter, the total number of shareholders of these 37 shares reached 1860600. Eight shares with a market value of more than 3 billion yuan are Zhejiang Commercial Bank, Shandong Publishing Co., Ltd., Henglin Stock Co., Ltd., foran Energy Co., Ltd., Runhe Materials Co., Ltd., Jiuzhoutong, greenway and Hongda Electronics.

Among the 37 shares, Zhejiang Commercial Bank has the largest market capitalization. Next week, 4.461 billion shares will be listed and circulated, mainly due to the restriction on the sale and circulation of shares before the issuance. The market value of the lifted shares is as high as 18.11 billion yuan, and the company will be listed for one year. On the 19th, Hisense appliances announced that the company, as the subscriber, has signed three financial management agreements with Zheshang Bank to subscribe corresponding financial products, with a total subscription amount of RMB 700 million.

Shandong publishing will be listed for three years, and the market value of the lifting of the ban will also exceed 10 billion yuan, reaching 10.624 billion yuan, ranking second. Shandong Publishing Co., Ltd. is a new shareholder of QFII in the first quarter of this year, and the latest shareholding ratio is 7.03% higher than that three quarters ago.

The market value of Henglin shares, foburn energy, Runhe materials, Kyushu Tong, greenway and HTC electronics is also more than 3 billion yuan, with the market value of 4.733 billion yuan, 4.603 billion yuan, 3.526 billion yuan, 3.347 billion yuan, 3.301 billion yuan and 3.191 billion yuan respectively. The shares of Henglin, foran energy, Runhe materials and Hongda Electronics are mainly restricted for sale and circulation before issuance, while those of Kyushu Tong and greenway are limited The main purpose of lifting the ban is to issue additional shares to institutions.

More than 50% of 4 shares were lifted

The ratio can also reflect the impact of the lifting of the ban on stocks. According to the statistics of the securities times and data treasure, there are four stocks whose number accounts for more than 50% of the total equity, namely Shandong publishing, Henglin, Runhe materials and Fotan energy. Among them, Shandong publishing has the largest proportion, with 79.54% of the total share capital. In addition, the proportion of Henglin shares was over 70%, reaching 71.25%; the proportion of organic silicon concept stock Runhe materials was 69.31%. On the 19th, Runhe materials received a letter of concern, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked the company to explain the reasons for the decline in the income of deep processing of organic silicon, whether there were significant adverse changes in the production and operation environment and fundamentals, and whether the relevant adverse factors were sustainable.

There are 12 shares whose proportion of the total share capital is less than 1%. Among them, Jingwang electronics, AVIC Shenfei and Sichuan Changhong all had less than 0.1% of the total. Both Jingwang electronics and AVIC Shenfei are equity incentive restricted shares.

On the eve of the lifting of the ban, a number of stocks performed well

On the eve of lifting the ban, what are the changes of these 37 stocks? According to the statistics of databao, the average price increase of the 37 stocks to be lifted next week has been 3.54% since November, which is slightly lower than that of the market in the same period (4.75%). Since November, there are only five stocks with a cumulative increase of more than 10%, namely Runhe materials, Sailun tire, * ST Toyo, gujia home furnishing and Xiangtan electric chemical. Since November, Runhe material has been benefited by the price rise of silicone, and its stock price has risen by 76.61%, ranking first.

Since November, the stock price of cirun tire has risen by 26.92%, and the latest closing price is 6.27 yuan, a new high in nearly five and a half years. In addition, there have been five block transactions in this month. On the 18th, an annual output of 3.3 million sets of high-performance intelligent all steel radial truck tire project was officially put into production in Shenyang. The project also has full access to the rubber chain cloud industrial Internet platform, which will monitor the whole production process and equipment operation in real time, including raw material procurement, sea and land transportation, distributors and retail terminals.

There are three stocks whose stock prices have fallen by more than 10%, namely Wuyang parking Co., Ltd., electroacoustic Co., Ltd. and Sino Singapore SECCO Co., with a decline of 10.05%, 12.01% and 19.14% respectively.

From the performance data, 35 of the 37 companies facing the lifting of the ban achieved profits in the first three quarters. Zheshang Banks net profit in the first three quarters reached 10.144 billion yuan, ranking first. Sichuang electronics and Sichuan Changhong are in the loss and the net profit of the first three quarters has declined significantly year on year.

In addition, the first three quarters of AVIC Shenfei, Donghu hi tech, Huangs group, SDIC, HTC and Henglin, which are facing the lifting of the ban next week, all achieved significant growth year-on-year in the first three quarters. Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Qian_ NF4425

In addition, the first three quarters of AVIC Shenfei, Donghu hi tech, Huangs group, SDIC, HTC and Henglin, which are facing the lifting of the ban next week, all achieved significant growth year-on-year in the first three quarters. (Guojie, databao)