80000 shareholders are involved in the case! Heavy positions have fallen more than 60percent

 80000 shareholders are involved in the case! Heavy positions have fallen more than 60percent

Response of listed companies

According to the announcement, Xu Xizhong, chairman and actual controller of Sanxia Xincai, was detained by Puning Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province for his personal suspicion of obtaining loans by fraud. Xu Xizhong directly holds and controls about 326 million shares of the company, accounting for 28.14% of the companys total share capital.

Zhang Haiming, the actual controller and chairman of Haili biology, was bailed out by the Jingan District Public Security Bureau of Shanghai for pending trial due to the illegal business case of a company under investigation in Jingan District of Shanghai. The period of time is from November 19, 2020. At the same time, Zhou Yusheng, the supervisor of the company, was detained by Jingan branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau on October 31 for suspected occupation.

In terms of the impact on the listed companies, Sanxia new materials and Haili biological stressed that the above matters involved by the actual controller have nothing to do with the company and the companys affiliated enterprises, and the company has not been adversely affected by this, and the current production and operation is normal.

However, Haili biological said that Zhang Haiming, the actual controller and chairman, could perform his duties normally. In addition, Zhou Yusheng, the supervisor of the company, is the consultant of the company after retirement, and he has not actually held any position other than the supervisor. Therefore, the above matters do not have a substantial impact on the normal business operation of the company.

At present, Xu Xizhong, chairman and actual controller of Sanxia New Material Co., Ltd., has been unable to perform his duties normally. The company claims to ensure the smooth operation and management of the company, and will hold a board meeting as soon as possible to make corresponding arrangements.

Haili bio announced that it received the notice letter from Haoyuan venture capital on November 3. Haoyuan venture capital reduced its shares of 19317300 shares, accounting for 2.9996% of the companys total share capital, from May 25 to November 2 through centralized bidding and block trading, with the price of 15.66 yuan / share-32.88 yuan / share.

As of November 2, 2020, Haoyuan venture capital reduction plan has been implemented. After the implementation of the reduction plan, Haoyuan venture capital held 258 million shares of the company, accounting for 40.12% of the total share capital of the company.

Three Gorges new material control personnel negative

Since the beginning of this year, there has been a lot of negative news about Xu Xizhong, the actual controller. On September 22, Sanxia new materials disclosed the progress announcement of the actual controller and major shareholders involved in the litigation. Specifically, Hualong securities sued Xu Xizhong to repay the principal and interest of the share pledge financing. The courts first instance judgment showed that Xu Xizhong should repay more than 1.5 billion yuan of principal and interest. If he fails to pay on time, Hualong securities, the plaintiff, has the right to take advantage of the discount of 207 million shares of Sanxia new materials, or the proceeds from auction and sale.

Before this, Xu Xizhong also encountered the Shanghai Stock Exchange naming criticism. Three Gorges new materials issued an announcement on July 28, saying that due to the companys failure to implement repurchase according to the disclosed share repurchase plan, there was a big difference between the actual implementation and the disclosed repurchase plan, and the repurchase plan was not completed after the delay, which affected the reasonable expectation of investors. Therefore, it was decided to issue a notice of criticism to Xu Xizhong, chairman of the board of directors and Secretary of the board of directors of Sanxia new materials Co., Ltd. Subsequently, in October this year, due to buy back changes, Hubei regulatory bureau also issued warning letters to a number of senior executives of Sanxia new materials, including Xu Xizhong.

Short term stock price plummeting over 60% bull ride roller coaster?

From July to August this year, Haili bio rose from a low of 18.19 yuan to 54.03 yuan, with an increase of more than 190%. After that, Haili biological entered the decline channel. By the end of November 20, Haili biological stock price was 18.08 yuan, down 66.53% from the high.

It is worth noting that among the top ten circulating shareholders at the end of the third quarter of this year, Niu sanzhang Jianping and members of his relatives and friends group still hold a large number of Haili biological products. The latest data show that Zhang Jianping holds 4.99% shares of Haili biology, his son Zhang Le holds 4.57% shares, his wife Fang Wenyan holds 4.19% shares, and his father-in-law Fang Deji holds 3.24% shares. The four of them constitute the persons acting in concert, holding 16.99% of the shares of Haili biological.

If they havent sold them yet, theyll take a huge roller coaster.. Zhang Jianpings family has appeared in Haili bio in 2018, and its share price has risen sharply in July and August this year. However, by the end of September, the shares of Zhang Jianpings family remained unchanged in the third quarter.

At the high of 54.03 yuan, the total market value of Haili biological was as high as 34.79 billion yuan, and the stock market value of Zhang Jianping family was about 5.91 billion yuan. With the decline of Haili biological stock price, the market value of Zhang Jianpings family shares has shrunk by more than 3 billion yuan.

The Three Gorges new material has declined more severely since its high level in June 2015. At the beginning of June 2015, the share price of Sanxia new materials (restoration of rights) was 13.71 yuan, while the latest stock price is only 2.89 yuan, with a drop of nearly 80% from the high level.

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