Ding Zhen was revealed to have signed a contract with state-owned enterprises to open micro blog, and the price rose nearly 300000 on the same day

 Ding Zhen was revealed to have signed a contract with state-owned enterprises to open micro blog, and the price rose nearly 300000 on the same day

Netease Entertainment reported on November 22 that on the 21st, Tibetan little elder brother Ding Zhen, who has become popular on the Internet today, opened a personal micro blog and published a micro blog, which said: Im Ding Zhen in my employment license. With a picture of yourself. Although he has dark skin in the photo, he looks very elegant and has a simple smile. Some netizens have noticed that Ding Zhens Micro blog profile is pony will always run first, and netizens cant help shouting: its so cute.

Ding Zhens microblog went up nearly 300000 yuan on the first day of its opening. The only micro blog he released had 40000 + comments and 1 million + likes. The data was no less popular than Aidou.

Before that, a lot of news about him signing up with wanghong company was uploaded from the Internet, but it was later found that it was not true. He actually signed a state-owned enterprise with five insurances and one fund, and signed labor contracts and agency contracts.

Many netizens said that this is a good choice. Ding Zhen should not become a tool for talent shows and online celebrities to make money.

Tibetan elder brother Dingzhen is revealed to have signed a contract with a local travel company to earn 3000 yuan a month

Netease Entertainment reported on November 18 that the Tibetan little elder brother has signed a contract with a local tourism company with a monthly income of 3000 yuan and is responsible for local tourism publicity.

Later, the exposure was confirmed by Ding Zhens uncle. He responded: its true.

It is reported that Ding Zhen, a Tibetan Boy, was popular on the short video platform because of his handsome appearance. After that, the major companies offered him olive branches. In addition, he was contacted by talent shows.

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Tibetan brother will participate in the talent show netizen: dont become a money making machine

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[Ding Zhen] how handsome are the Tibetan Kangba men in search of fire (source: ~)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 13 that a Tibetan boy named Ding Zhen has become popular on the Internet recently. A group of his portraits appeared on the Internet. In the photos, he is not only handsome and has a green smile, but also his clear and naive eyes. Many netizens commented that his eyesight is very clean, like a pool of spring water. At the same time, the photo of Ding Zhens younger brother was also exposed. His younger brother was as handsome as Ding Zhen. His appearance was as good as that of the popular little fresh meat. For a while, they became popular on the Internet. Ding Zhen is also called a man with the same aesthetic taste of rice circle by netizens.

Tibetan little brother of wanghong (source: Netease Entertainment)

Before that, Ding Zhen appeared in a live broadcast. During the whole process, he was very shy and didnt speak Chinese fluently enough. He kept saying simple words like thank you and so on, which made netizens call too cute. However, when Ding Zhen was broadcasting live, there was a photographer nearby who had been asking netizens to reward him, which aroused peoples dissatisfaction. Netizens worry that Ding Zhen is likely to become a tool for others to make money because he doesnt know much about social networks.

A few days ago, it was reported that the program groups of creative camp 4 and tomorrows son have contacted Ding Zhen, who may participate in the draft. After learning this news, the comments of netizens are also polarized. Some netizens think that Ding Zhens economic conditions are very difficult, if not through this way, he may not be able to get out all his life; some netizens also said that Ding Zhen is in danger of being used by capital and become a tool for others to circle money. What he attracts most is his innocence and simplicity. If he enters the idol industry, he will be packaged The value of the product will be lost when it is discarded.

Ding Zhen, a Tibetan little brother, has been revealed to have signed a contract with a local travel company. He will join a talent show. Netizen: dont be a money machine. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019