Recent photo of 61 year old Bi Fujian exposed, looking tired and accidentally bumping into a Japanese male star

 Recent photo of 61 year old Bi Fujian exposed, looking tired and accidentally bumping into a Japanese male star

Netease Entertainment reported on November 22 that a group of recent photos of Bi Fujian, a former CCTV host, were exposed. In the photo, 61 year old Bi is sitting with his friends to draw. He is dressed in a casual and simple way. His expression is very serious when he is painting, but his expression is a little tired. Some netizens said as like as two peas, Ken Yamagata and his late Japanese actor, who had been in a face, laughed at the netizens.

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Bi Fujian, 61, showed up in his old clothes and was welcomed by the public

Netease Entertainment reported on October 3, 2, the media exposed a recent photo of Bi Fujian. Bi Fujian, who hasnt been seen for a long time, seems to have gained a lot of weight. Even if he wears loose clothes, he cant hide his belly. The 61 year old Bi Fujian looks very haggard and old.

It was late at night, and Bi Fujian appeared in the Northeast theater to watch the Errenzhuan performance. Bi Fujian, who went out to play, was not alone. He was standing in the center of the crowd in a low-key costume. He was accompanied by the staff and the theater manager. Everyone looked at BI Fujian frequently.

After that, a large group of people came out of the theater to meet Bi Fujian. He walked quickly to the gate of the theater. Bi Fujian was strutting all the way. Although he was watching a duet performance, his high-profile posture was quite like a stars gesture. All the way down, the show was very big.

Earlier, Bi Fujian had been photographed wearing this old dress to attend various activities.

According to a previous report, Bi Fujian appeared at an event held by a certain online celebrity for business performance, and was also regarded as a heavyweight guest of the event on the spot. On the same day, Bi Fujian was wearing black casual pants and a red jacket. He wore a pair of short jeans sleeves without buttons. He was dressed in a casual way.

From the exposed video, we can see that Bi Fujian is very popular. Not only can we hear female fans shouting Uncle Bi, but also female fans offer flowers and ask for a group photo for Bi Fujian.

Bi Fujian sang a song you dont go on the stage. This song is a love song sung by men and women. Bi Fujian also sings with a beautiful woman. They have a good understanding. Bi Fujian also dances and is very excited.

At the end of the song, Bi Fujian sang give birth to a baby. Then, he stretched out his arm and clapped it in the back of the beautiful womans head. When she sang about raising a dog, she even put her hand on Bi Fu Jians body and clapped it. After shooting, the beauty was still very happy.

Bi Fujians face was not very good immediately, but out of respect for the stage, he continued to sing. At the end of the song, beauty and Bi Fu Jians hands are put together. Then, Bi Fu Jian shakes off the beautys hand. Seeing Bi Fujians reaction, the beauty stopped the music and asked why. Bi Fu Jian pointed at the beauty and said, I tell you, pay attention later. I give birth to a baby and I hold you to give birth to a baby. Thats right. You have a dog. Whats the matter with you

The beauty explained that she had made such a response by singing emotional.

Although there were some small episodes, the audience screamed and applauded during the commercial performance, and the atmosphere was very warm.

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Bi Fujian appears in business performance (source: Netease Entertainment)

Bi Fujian, 61, dressed in his old clothes, was hailed by the public. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019