High risk of paper rush in the United States

 High risk of paper rush in the United States

Next week, there will be a public holiday in the United States. At this time of the year, many Americans will go out on holiday and get together with their relatives and friends. As a result, the CDC issued a warning before the holiday, strongly advising residents to stay at home to avoid infection. However, some U.S. governors ignored the warning, either unwilling to issue epidemic control measures, or open their own holiday party plans, or even encourage residents to have small-scale gatherings.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed a sharp increase in the number of confirmed cases in May after the two holidays in May and September. The CDC issued a warning before the public holidays, and strongly suggested that residents should spend their holidays at home to reduce unnecessary travel and travel so as to avoid infection.

However, some governors have turned a blind eye to the CDCs warning. Governors of more severe states, such as Tennessee and South Dakota, said they did not plan to issue any epidemic restrictions. Oklahoma governor Kevin Steele, who had been infected with the new coronavirus, even said he planned to play a football game on the weekend and spend the holiday with his parents.

In response, George Benjamin, President of the American Public Health Association, pointed out that the United States will usher in the rapid spread of the epidemic when the public holiday is coming. At this time, some governors were still unwilling to implement restrictive measures or encourage people to stay at home, which is a very dangerous signal to the residents in the state, and a tragedy triggered by political factors.

According to another report, as of the 20th, 22 states in the United States had implemented epidemic prevention and control measures, which made some consumers panic shopping and began to stock up on toilet paper and disinfection products. Wal Mart, the largest U.S. retailer chain, says some stores are struggling to cope with the surge in demand for cleaning products. Kroger and others in the United States began to limit the amount of toilet paper and tissue they bought. Amazon, an e-commerce giant, said most of the disinfectant wipes and tissues were sold out.

US funded reporter proposed to name the new crown vaccine with Trump: in this way to commemorate him

On the 20th, a senior reporter of Fox News Network said in a news program that in order to appease trump, who still refuses to admit that he has lost the presidential election, he might as well name the US new crown vaccine after trump to thank and commemorate this important achievement made by trump during his term of office. This reporter called trump the chief engineer in rapid development of vaccines. In the future, people would also say, have you shot trump?