Thunder 5 days to change the League 12 teams, 5 core left only Alexander

 Thunder 5 days to change the League 12 teams, 5 core left only Alexander

During the off-season, thunder supermarket has been selling players to the rest of the league. For example, the Lakers need to strengthen the reserve scoring firepower, thunder sent the super sixth man Schroeder; the Suns lacked the ball control core and the team leader, the thunder sent Chris Paul; the warriors clay Thompson was injured, and the thunder sent on the just got uble. In short, thunder is open to sell, as long as you can take out the draft right, he can satisfy you.

Thunder team last seasons core team has now been sold 7788. Thunder team last seasons head coach is Donovan, also has Paul + Schroeder + Alexander + Gallinari + adams these five core players, often the critical moment also depends on these five people to fight for life. Now Donovans gone, Paul to the Suns, Schroeder to the Lakers, Gallinari to the eagles, Adams to the pelican. It seems that Alexander is the only one left. In this way, Alexander is really under a lot of pressure.

Thunder has piled up draft rights in the future through trading crazily. Former Oklahoma City player abrinez posted a picture on social media that all draft rights are thunder: its like this in the next six years.

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