The performance information is limited and blocked. Laolangs denouncement platform: poor crazy!

 The performance information is limited and blocked. Laolangs denouncement platform: poor crazy!

Netease Entertainment reported on November 21, November 19, the musician Lao Lang forwarded a promotion dynamic of reading sharing meeting he participated in, but was restricted. Lao Lang was angry because of this, and took the lead in dis platform. On the afternoon of November 20, Lao Lang wrote: Sina Weibo performance information limit, book sharing meeting also limit the flow, spend money to buy headlines, poor crazy.

As soon as this statement was made, many musicians in the circle echoed the accusation of streaming restrictions on microblogs. They said that they had encountered similar problems, and the flow of promotion information such as performances, new albums, books and so on released on their own accounts was restricted, making it more difficult for the music that was originally a minority to survive. And because promotion news is blocked, these musicians have accumulated a lot of anger. Zhou Yunpeng, a folk singer, wrote: its the high-quality content that weve released over the years that has fed your platform. Its a big deal not to play Weibo. Sina Weibo should not be so short-sighted and dig its own grave.

Zuo Xiaozu mantra, Su Yang, ye Pei and other musicians have also written to complain about this phenomenon. Xiaoyue, the boss of Xiaoyue, said in a more simple and crude way: Weibo is too ugly to eat now. Sharing a song 20 years ago will be judged an advertisement, says the band.

Wild children band because of the information is blocked or restricted, but can only repeatedly send and top.

As soon as the issue of limiting the flow of microblog was discussed by many musicians, it caused heated discussion on the Internet. In this regard, Weibo customer service replied to laolangs feedback, saying that exclusive customer service follow-up had been arranged, but no solution was given.

It has to be said that such an attitude is still very perfunctory. Kelan directly disas micro blog customer service: and then where? Please give decency a little face.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395