The investment banking circle is swiping the screen! The nearest to China Securities Regulatory Commission, Chinas best print shop wants IPO

 The investment banking circle is swiping the screen! The nearest to China Securities Regulatory Commission, Chinas best print shop wants IPO

According to the official website of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Beijing Rongda Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rongda technology) signed the guidance agreement on IPO and listing on GEM with Guojin securities on November 6.

According to the companys official website, Beijing Rongda Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative science and technology enterprise specialized in serving the securities industry in China. The company has many years of Internet data mining and information processing experience, and in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the securities industry. Through Internet information capture, natural language analysis and data analysis technology to provide customers with systematic Internet product solutions. At present, it has independent research and development of information disclosure retrieval products, such as erlangshen, Xiebao, cloud collaboration and other products.

However, Beijing Rongda technology is best known as Rongda Express Printing.

Although Beijing was also an ordinary printing shop at the beginning, Zhou Zhengrong, the boss of the company, took a unique approach to targeting the IPO information printing of listed companies, and developed and expanded accordingly.

The headquarters of Rongda Express Printing is hidden on the third and fourth floors of Jincan Hotel, located at 66 Nanxiaojie, Xizhimen. It is less than 3km away from the SFC. There is no sign of Rongda express outside the hotel which is about 8 stories high.

On this Rongda, it is said to be the nearest printing shop to be listed. An investment bank personage disclosed: the prosperity of Rongda Express Printing benefits from its package of services, providing a one-stop service from accommodation, catering, bathing to proofreading and printing.

Most of Rongda Express Printing is private room service - basically, the investment bank personnel of each project are arranged to complete their work in separate rooms. But to enter such a private room, you must pay a deposit of 20000 yuan to become a VIP member.

Outside Fukai building in Beijing Financial Street, where the CSRC is located, the black trolley case among the crowd and the Rongda quick printing plastic bags with red letters on white background of home of securities dealers have become the standard equipment for the enterprises to be listed.

It has been reported in the media that the former employees of Beijing Rongda said of Beijing Rongda: they have achieved a very professional height in a subdivided industry.

There is also a rumor that Rongda people know better than us what kind of declaration materials the SFC officials want to see.

Everyone who has entered the gate of Fukai building has almost entered the gate of Rongda. After nearly 20 years of development, Rongda has become Chinas best printing shop.

Some investment bank people say that many people have not experienced the memory of staying up late in Rongda with dark circles around their eyes. However, it is estimated that the old investment banks will never forget those hot and bustling days and their professional footprints... On the first day of entering the industry, the old people said that they had never worked in the investment bank since they had stayed all night in Rongda

Even netizens joked that Rongda and Guojin, who guides who?

Chinas best printing shop

Founded in 2000, Rongda is not only a printing shop, but also a thermometer of Chinas stock market, witnessing the ups and downs of the capital market, and has become a mysterious wealth story.

Zhou Zhengrong, the founder of Rongda, is a soldier. He has always maintained a pragmatic and low-key style of military personnel and seldom accepted media interviews. Since 2008, Zhou Zhengrong has stepped out of the daily operation of Rongda.

In 2000, Zhou Zhengrong registered with Beijing Rongda Weiye Trading Co., Ltd., which was also an ordinary printing shop at first. What is different is that Zhou Zhengrong did not choose the market of Design Institute and Architectural Institute favored by the vast majority of printing shops to help print bidding documents and engineering drawings. Instead, he took a new approach to the subdivision of IPO data printing of listed companies and insisted on differentiated operation.

In order to avoid repeated submission and modification by customers and improve the pass rate of material review, Rongda has achieved the ultimate service in every link from customer reception process to material production process.

At first, Rongda was just a place to provide night printing. Until 2005, Rongdas business was very complicated. In addition to the application materials, it also undertook the printing of various documents and even books.

In 2005, China Securities Regulatory Commission stopped issuing new shares for a time, and Rongda was in a desperate situation. It had no income to pay wages to its employees. Rongdas listing application materials, from equipment, labor and production requirements, are completely different from ordinary printing stores. Business transformation is also very difficult. In the off-season, it can only work hard to support.

In the second half of 2006, the capital market recovered. Rongda is determined to provide more considerate service and retain customers. However, if there is a room in the same building, no matter how high the price is, Rongda will take it for the reception of securities dealers. Unlike other printing shops which only provide printing services, Rongda provides a special reception room and rest room. Securities dealers do not need to rush between hotels and printing shops. They can directly work in Rongda and even hold small meetings in Rongda. At the same time, Rongda also provides drinking water and food to liberate securities companies from external trivia.

How difficult can it be to prepare a listing application? Almost every street side digital printing shop can achieve: as long as the black and white inner pages are set with page numbers, put the interleaving paper, add color covers, and then bind them into volumes.

However, the format of listing declaration materials is fixed and extremely strict, full of figures and forms. The materials submitted to a quasi IPO company used several trolley cases, but they were printed back and forth eight times.

For the investment bank recruits running around, Rongda is really a surprise. A listing document may have 1000 pages, or even as many as 1500 pages. Different original documents have different page numbers, and new page numbers are required after being compiled into new documents. If there is any mistake or omission in it, we have to push it down and start again. At Rongda, you dont have to waste time on these procedural chores.

I havent done these things. I dont understand. Some say. Its hard for an ordinary print clerk to know what kind of material an SFC official would like to see. At Rongda, we have rich experience in project proposals and the production of prospectuses. Whats more, the small omissions of investment banks in some procedures will be found and pointed out by printers.

They have made a segment of the industry to a very professional height. Luo Rong, a former employee of Rongda, said.

Large chain printing shops, can not see tired and no money work, but let Rongda survive. Under the strategy of differentiation management of zhouzhengrong, even surpassing the better.

When the industry leaders want to turn around, Rongda has occupied nearly 90% of the market, and its reputation is excellent.

Go to Rongda printing. It has almost become a conventional operation of investment banks and law firms before IPO.

Look at the staff.

In Rongda, printers are divided into three levels: A, B and c. a new employee needs three months of induction training before he can become a C-level employee. Later, he will be promoted to B-level and A-level gradually with his skilful skills. The foreman is equivalent to the technical director. Their names, photos, groups and their foremen are posted in the corridor of Rongda. The fact is that an apprenticeship mechanism has been formed within Rongda. On the one hand, experienced old employees lead new employees; on the other hand, new and old employees have orderly division of labor. For example, those who rush to work at night are usually the most experienced, because these materials may have to be reported to the CSRC at daybreak.

Its hard for an ordinary print clerk to know what kind of material an SFC official would like to see. At Rongda, we have rich experience in project proposals and the production of prospectuses. Whats more, the small omissions of investment banks in some procedures will be found and pointed out by printers.

Lets look at Rongdas grasp of time. For Rongda, time is a delicate thing. In the afternoon of the same day, there is only one hour difference between the materials reported to the CSRC at 5 oclock and those reported at 6 oclock, and the review time may be different. Especially in March, June and September every year, if the last day of each quarter is missed, the declaration materials have to add another quarter of content, which will increase a lot of accounting and audit costs.

Therefore, in addition to 24-hour business, the front desk of Rongda also has a fixed reception mode. They must communicate well in advance to ensure that the other party can have enough time to complete the material production after arriving at Rongda.

Listing is a rigorous thing, even if the cheapest street shops, brokers also dare not try. This is small money, enterprises and securities companies do not care, but the quality of printing, they are almost harsh. According to the existing written examination system, the examination personnel will not go to the enterprise in person. Their understanding of an enterprise almost depends on this material.

For some time, the CSRC saw a non-standard application material and approved the securities dealers on the spot. Because the information is wrong and delay the project, the risk of small securities companies can not afford. Generally speaking, Rongdas error probability is very small, if properly arranged, the time can be guaranteed.

Mysterious boss Zhou Zhengrong

In line with the style of Rongdas dull voice and wealth, the boss of Rongda, Zhou Zhengrong, is also a person who refuses to accept the interview with reporters.

There are all kinds of legends about Rongda. Its hard for an investment bank to know what kind of materials a SFC official would like to see. At Rongda, we have rich experience in project proposals and the production of prospectuses. Whats more, the legend of Rongda Express Printing also includes: the small omissions in some procedures of investment banks will be discovered and pointed out by printers.

And some investment bank personnel often complain that the requirements of the CSRCs preliminary examiners on the application materials of the companies to be listed have reached the point of nitpicking.

Low profile and magic are often easy to arouse peoples conjecture, including some people in the investment banking circle who are discussing whether the boss of Rongda has an unusual background.

Zhou Zhengrong has been contacted by a reporter for many times. He only said that he had never received media interviews. Rongda is just a small print shop on the street. There is nothing to say. We have no plan to go public..

Zhang Gong (pseudonym), a former employee of Rongda, revealed that Zhou Zhengrong was a veteran in his 40s. He was modest and low-key, such a rich boss has a very humble office..

For Zhou Zhengrongs low-key, some analysts say that the reason is nothing more than worrying that too much attention from the outside world will affect Rongdas business and make a lot of money in silence!

In addition, Zhou Zhengrong also set up a number of other fields, including business consulting, financial public relations, hotel management, etc. According to Tianyan data, Zhou Zhengrong is the legal representative of three companies, and is a shareholder in nine companies.

According to the 21st century economic report, an internal promotion material of Rongda group in June showed that while Rongdas market share in IPO finance and printing industry was as high as 98%, its investment banking business consulting, auxiliary due diligence consulting, raising investment feasibility research consulting, electronic manuscript system and other fields had a high market share.

In addition, Rongda has set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Nanjing, and its Nanjing Branch established in 2017 is mainly responsible for consulting business. According to its claim, its market share of refinancing research and analysis consulting business has remained the first in the industry for two consecutive years.

In recent years, Rongda has been expanding in the direction of financial information retrieval, cloud collaboration and prospectus content verification, and the investor relationship service (IR) has also become an important field for Rongda.

According to the above materials, the IR business of Rongda includes enterprise issuance valuation report, industry research report, investment analysis report, invitation and quotation of investment institutions, perennial maintenance of the relationship between investment institutions, reverse roadshow and negotiation meeting, etc.

The companys name was changed from 20.05 million yuan to Beijing Darong Technology Co., Ltd. on November 20, 2020.