20000 income for 520000 penalty! Fake research paper public sale of financial big V punished

 20000 income for 520000 penalty! Fake research paper public sale of financial big V punished

A few days ago, Beijing securities regulatory bureau announced an interesting ticket: the company and operators behind the well-known financial blogger Keynes V sold 238 copies of the paid service package for research and report due to violation of regulations, and made a profit of 22218 yuan. Due to the lack of qualification of securities investment consulting business, this is illegal securities business, so Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau fined 520000 yuan in total.

In recent years, knowledge sharing has become a trend both in foreign countries and in China. How to distinguish between popular science articles and research reports? According to regulatory provisions, securities research report is to analyze the value of securities and securities related products, market trend or relevant influencing factors, and form investment analysis opinions such as securities valuation and investment rating.

In the service mode of seller research, selling research paper is no longer profitable business sector. However, in the era of we media, such means have been used to make profits by finance and economics big V school, which also leads to regulatory penalties.

Recently, the official website of Beijing securities regulatory bureau announced a fine of 520000 yuan for the company and operators behind the well-known financial blogger Keynes V for illegally selling the paid service package for Research Report. What kind of a story is this?

Since then, on September 27, 2017, Beijing Zhishi, which is actually controlled by Chen Lifeng, signed the tonghuashun platform knowledge service agreement with Zhejiang tonghuashun Network Technology Co., Ltd. On October 9 of the same year, LV Changshun signed a formal labor contract with Beijing Zhishi. After taking up the post, LV Changshun changed the authentication name in the registration information of all his Keynes V accounts on the same Huashun platform to Beijing Zhishi.

In October 2017, in order to join the business department of Hangzhou Qingtai street of Societe Generale Securities, Chen Lifeng changed the legal representative and manager of Beijing Zhishi into his spouse Wu Xiaoli, and Chen Lifeng was changed to a supervisor. The company is still under his actual control. On November 1, 2017, Chen Lifeng signed a labor contract with the Qingtai Street Business Department of industrial securities in Hangzhou.

On November 3, 2017, Beijing Zhishi changed the remark information of Keynes V account to industrial securities investment consultant, and noted the Certificate No. s019 * * 0035 of Chen Xili, an employee of Industrial Securities Hangzhou Qingtai Street business department.

Everything is ready, only the east wind. After the superficial is ready, the Keynes V account began to make profits.

According to the survey, from March 2018 to September 2018, Beijing Zhishi cooperated with Xingye securities Hangzhou Qingtai Street business department to sell the paid service package through the Keynes V account in the financial community of tonghuashun. The content of the paid service package is a vaccine industry research report analysis of the development prospects of the vaccine industry in a new era after the outbreak of heavy products coming into the market The unit price is 99 yuan, signed by Chen and Keynes team.

However, neither Beijing Zhishi Shi nor Chen Lifeng and LV Changshun obtained the securities investment consulting business license. Vaccine prospect analysis is compiled by LV Changshun and Chen Lifeng by collecting relevant information through open channels. Chen is responsible for the internal audit process of vaccine prospect analysis in industrial securities. From March 22, 2018 to September 3, 2018, 238 copies of vaccine prospect analysis were sold. After deducting relevant expenses, Beijing Zhishi bank account received a total of 22218 yuan.

In this regard, the Beijing securities regulatory bureau holds that the above-mentioned behavior of Beijing Zhishi violates the provisions of the securities law of the peoples Republic of China that no unit or individual may engage in securities business without the approval of the securities regulatory agency of the State Council, and constitutes the act of establishing a securities company or illegally operating securities business without approval. Chen Lifeng is the person in charge and LV Changshun is the other person directly responsible.

Popular science articles or research papers?

According to the Interim Provisions on the issuance of securities research reports, the issuance of securities research reports is a basic form of securities investment consulting business. It refers to the analysis of the value, market trend or relevant influencing factors of securities and securities related products by securities companies and securities investment consulting institutions, forming investment analysis opinions such as securities valuation and investment rating, and making securities research reports, And release to customers.

Securities Research Report mainly includes value analysis report, Industry Research Report and investment strategy report related to securities and securities related products. Securities research reports may be in the form of written or electronic documents.

In the statement and defense, Beijing Zhishi Shi, Chen Lifeng and LV Changshun proposed that the vaccine prospect analysis is a popular science article, not a securities research report, and the content has been reviewed by flush and industrial securities, meeting the relevant requirements. The author of vaccine prospect analysis is Chen Muli, an employee of Societe Generale Securities with securities investment consulting qualification. LV Changshun and Chen Lifeng only collect data for Chen, and Chen Lifeng has joined the Qingtai Street Business Department of Societe Generale Securities. Publishing articles in the name of a team is a kind of work behavior to obtain the permission of Societe Generale Securities.

In addition, Beijing Zhishi feasible also proposed that it did not establish a cooperative relationship with Societe Generale Securities, nor signed any relevant agreements, but only had a cooperative relationship with flush. The revenue generated by vaccine prospect analysis is divided into Beijing Zhishi feasible by the same Huashun according to the agreement. The business scope of Beijing zhifeasible includes economic information consultation, which belongs to legal income.

For the above pleadings, the regulatory authorities did not agree. Beijing securities regulatory bureau pointed out that vaccine prospect analysis not only analyzed the vaccine industry, but also evaluated four listed companies in the vaccine industry, which met the definition of Securities Research Report. Beijing Zhishi Shis cooperation with other institutions to publish the vaccine prospect analysis jointly signed by Keynes team and others and charging fees belongs to securities business, and the relevant parties know that they do not have the qualification of securities investment consulting business.

Chinese correspondents of securities companies obtained the contents of the concept and comparison of key enterprises part of the report. Among them, the report describes in detail the performance, business situation, products in research and development expectation of the listed companies such as Zhifei biology, Watson biology, Kangtai biology, Weiming pharmaceutical, etc., which is similar to that of securities companies in appearance.

In the end, Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau confiscates 22218 yuan of illegal income from Beijing Zhishi, and imposes a fine of 400000 yuan; Chen Lifeng and LV Changshun are warned and fined 60000 yuan respectively.

Who are behind the famous financial bloggers

According to Tianyan information, Beijing zhifeasible Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2016 with a registered capital of 100000 yuan, and its legal representative is Wu Lili. Chen Lifeng and Wu Lili each hold half of the shares. In terms of business scope, Beijing Zhishi is engaged in technology development and technical services; economic information consulting; computer system services; organizing cultural and art exchange activities; and selling computer software and auxiliary equipment.

In addition, 238 copies of this vaccine prospect analysis research report can be sold for 99 yuan, which is related to the identity and flow of Keynes big v.

Currently, Sina Weibo also has a big V nicknamed Keynes, with 2.39 million fans. The microblog certification materials are Sina Weibo, Weibo signed we media, and listed private Zen master, good man and good stock business school president. There are a large number of short videos in its microblog, which are mainly related to stock market investment. The main speaker of the video is Lv Changshun, a lecturer of Zhonghe Yingtai. The head picture of the lecturer is consistent with that of Keynes.

However, according to the registration information of the China Securities Association, Chen Lifeng and LV Changshun have successively obtained the qualification of securities practice in 2019, and their practice positions are securities investment consulting (Investment Consultant), and the practicing organization is Beijing Zhonghe Yingtai Financial Consulting Co., Ltd.

With the development of the sellers research for many years, the paid research report model has not become the mainstream, while the fake Research Report has been widely sought after. This effect needs to be reconsidered. Will you be willing to pay for such fake research papers?