Australian media: China is not perfect, but which country is perfect?

 Australian media: China is not perfect, but which country is perfect?

Wyatt said it was ridiculous to say that Australia should only have a close relationship with countries with the same values..

China is not a perfect country, but almost no country is perfect. Wyatt said.

Wyatt recalled that the previous Australian government was good at handling the differences between China and Australia, and both countries have always maintained a frank and mutually respectful relationship on human rights issues and territorial disputes. But recently, some commentators and elected representatives have believed that Australia does not need to spend so much time cultivating this relationship between the two countries, but rather spends more time attacking our major trading partners just because they have different values from us.

As Wyatt said, recently, Australia has repeatedly made mistakes on Chinas core issues, finding fault with tiktok, Huawei 5g, the South China Sea issue and trade investigation, creating a huge noise for the development of China Australia relations. Despite Chinas solemn stance on many occasions, the Australian government remains unmoved and even intensified.

On the 19th of this month, Australian Prime Minister Morrison even arrogantly threatened that the reason why China Australia relations are tense is that Australia can adhere to itself. On September 22 this year, Arthur sinodinos, Australian ambassador to the United States, also said that Australia was ready to confront China, including paying a huge economic cost.

Wyatt worries that if Australia is unfriendly or hostile to China, it will buy commodities from other countries, which will result in hundreds of thousands of jobs lost in Australia..

Wyatt, for example, just as I can choose which cafe to buy coffee from, Australias trading partners can also choose where to buy barley, wine, meat and other goods. If the cafe owner is not friendly to me, Ill go to another cafe.

According to the Western Australia today report, wyas remarks are aimed at Andrew Hastie, a high-profile Anti China MP. Hasty, chairman of the joint intelligence and Security Committee of the state government of Western Australia and the Federal Parliament, once made a lot of remarks about Chinas relations in an article, comparing the western response to the so-called Chinese ambition with the misjudgment of the allies in defending Western Europe during World War II.

The comments were criticized by Mark McGowan, the governor of Western Australia. McGovern believes that hastys remarks are extremely unfavorable to Australias development of relations with China.

Since taking office in 2017, McGovern and his government have repeatedly criticized the Australian federal governments foreign policy, urging the federal government to repair its relations with China as soon as possible.

Lisa Harvey, leader of the opposition party in Western Australia, said on Thursday that Australia really needs to find a solution to the two countries problems because China is an important trade partner of Australia.

Everyone at every level of government needs to do their part to repair this relationship. For Australia, playing with party politics is not going to help solve bigger problems, Harvey said