The Laker middle class signed Harrell contract for 2 years and 19 million players for the second year

 The Laker middle class signed Harrell contract for 2 years and 19 million players for the second year

Then, mark Stein reported that Harrell and the Lakers will sign a two-year contract worth 19 million dollars, and he has player options in the second year of his contract.

After Howard joined the 76ers, the Lakers quickly began to look for inside additions, and soon it was reported that the Lakers were eyeing Pau Gasol.

But surprisingly, the Lakers quickly reached an agreement with Harrell. Before that, there was little news pointing out that the Lakers and Harrell had great interest in each other, so they had to admire the operation ability of the Lakers.

Of course, it has to be mentioned that Harrells agent is Ritchie Paul. Paul has an inseparable relationship with Jamie, so in the process of signing Harrell by the Lakers, Paul must have played an important role.

According to Stein, if the Lakers can win Harrell at such a price, it basically means that the Lakers will not pursue other interior players.

At the end of last season, Harrell and Clippers gradually had estrangement, especially the issue of contract renewal. Harrell obviously wants a big contract, but the Clippers are hesitant. However, this time with the price of 19 million U.S. dollars for two years, Harrell is also a little surprising, after all, the money is not too much, of course, he also left himself a choice, only signed for two years, and the next year has player options.

After learning that Harrell has joined the Lakers, former teammate Beverly updated twitter with two expressions, one covering his face, the other speechless, and writing what?

Obviously, Beverly, who has always had a good relationship with Harrell, was surprised, but then he said, Im happy for him anyway.

In addition, people familiar with the matter told sports illustrated that not only Beverly, but other Clippers players didnt expect Harrell to join the Lakers.

Its worth mentioning that earlier today, Harrell tweeted that today is going to be a very interesting day, which was seen by many as a hint to join the Lakers.

In addition, LeBron also sent a picture with Harrell, which Harrell later forwarded, and wrote that those who understand will understand, and do not need too much explanation.

In addition, there are many people congratulating Harrell on joining the Lakers. Harrell thanks one by one. It seems that joining the Lakers makes him feel very happy.

Harrell signed for the Lakers. Source: Netease sports Author: hee hee hee, editor in charge: Lin zishuo_ NB18590