Trumps rare participation in APEC summit

 Trumps rare participation in APEC summit

According to Agence France Presse on the 20th, all the leaders attending the meeting used the official background - the prime ministers office in calamaracia in the blue background. But trump is an exception. He uses a beige background with the presidents seal, which makes him stand out among the many leaders. According to a source who arranged for trump to attend the meeting, trump himself refused to use the official background.

However, observers noted that trump once used formal backgrounds, but most of the time he used his own.

In some of the images, trump uses the formal background

Rozanna Latiff, a Reuters correspondent in Malaysia, also noted that trump did not use the official background of APEC. And from time to time, the state-run Malaysian Radio and television station (RTM) covers Trumps position with a small window of sign language translation.

Although the United States is still the country with the most serious epidemic situation in the world, according to the statement issued by the White House after the meeting, trump still stressed the leadership of the United States in the field of global health, including the United States has successfully developed a safe and effective new crown vaccine.

The summit this year was attended by leaders of 21 countries, including China and the United States. Reuters said it was Trumps first APEC summit in three years. In 2017, trump attended the APEC summit held in Vietnam for the first time since taking office as president of the United States. In 2018, he sent burns instead. In 2019, the APEC summit will be cancelled due to an anti-government demonstration in Chile, the host country.

This time, trump attended the meeting, which was the first time that trump appeared at an international conference since the presidential election. Trump also missed the ASEAN summit last week.

Trumps participation was surprising. ABC said that because trump is currently busy fighting a lawsuit with Biden. Diplomatic scholar magazine described trump as a quixotic effort to overturn the election results after being defeated by Biden in this years presidential election. At such a time, Trumps choice to participate in this conference can be regarded as his last glory on the international stage as president of the United States.

Trump will certainly use this opportunity to show his current presidency in order to gain domestic political advantage. Hu Yishan said.

Countries in the region want the United States to resume multilateral engagement in international affairs after trump leaves office, according to the news agency. However, some scholars pointed out that although trump attended the meeting again after many years, its substantive significance was not significant. Yang Yu, the assistant professor of the National College of Singapore, is more interested in analyzing the essence of international relations than in the analysis of international policy

Like Hu Yishan, Liu Yongyu also believes that Trumps move is to send a clear message that he is still the President and commander of the United States and that he has not lost the election. Therefore, from this perspective, Trumps participation in the meeting is more important to the domestic political purpose of the United States than to the substantive significance of the regional and Global trade.

Diplomatic scholar pointed out that although the trump administration had previously announced that Southeast Asia is the core part of the India Pacific strategy of the United States free and open policy, Trumps absence from the meeting for several years has exacerbated some countries concerns about the reliability of the United States as a long-term regional partner. The Japanese times also said trump had been criticized by his allies for neglecting important meetings in the Asia Pacific region.

No matter what the purpose of Trumps meeting, he finally took time to show up.

The U.S. originally planned to host the G7 summit this year, but there has been no clear progress due to the cancellation of the epidemic. According to German media, trump has revealed that he intends to hold this years G7 summit in a more calm atmosphere, but now it seems in the future. According to three U.S. diplomats, trump has yet to contact the outside world on the issue of holding the G7, and the re hosting of the G7 summit is not on the agenda of the trump team. While online meetings are still possible, the parties have yet to make any preparations for any form of joint statement, a process that usually takes months.