Nanyangs response to owners self saving uncompleted residential buildings being raised by developers before delivery: cancellation of price increase

 Nanyangs response to owners self saving uncompleted residential buildings being raised by developers before delivery: cancellation of price increase

On October 31, 2020, due to the lack of funds, the fifth floor of commercial under the platinum era has not started construction. Photo by Li Xiaofang

Wolong District to deal with the instability of the platinum age project leading group, the media reported that the problem occurred on November 2, the platinum age project development unit Siyou company did not hand in the house as scheduled (October 31), and arbitrarily increased the price of 850 yuan per square meter. From November 3 to November 19, Wolong Districts leading group dealing with the instability of projects in the platinum age held coordination meetings and project interview meetings for many times on the problems of developers failure to hand in their houses on schedule and raise prices without permission in the platinum age. They listened to the main demands of the owners representatives and construction enterprises and studied and negotiated solutions.

In the next step, the working group will continue to follow up the delivery of the platinum era project, coordinate all parties to complete the delivery process as soon as possible, and fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of owners, the circular said.

According to the previous report of polar day studio, the platinum era began to subscribe in 2012, and officially started construction in April 2013, and soon fell into a mess. Wang, manager of Henan Heli construction company, the contractor of the project, said that at the end of 2014, Siyou real estate development company, a developer in the platinum era, had repeatedly delayed the payment because it could not get the money. In the Spring Festival of 2015, the contractor has even been unable to pay the wages of migrant workers, developers still owe us money.

By 2017, developers have proposed a solution: owners raise money to help themselves, make up the balance, and use it as the construction fund of the house.

According to the report, under the self-help scheme, owners of the platinum era have a truly elected owners self-help Committee. According to the incomplete statistics of the owners, more than 400 houses were sold in the platinum era, with a total housing price of more than 100 million yuan. According to the amount recorded in the account, the self rescue committee found that, in addition to nearly 100 homeowners who bought their houses in full at the beginning, the owners have raised nearly 76 million tails in succession. In the past three years, almost all owners of the platinum age have been coerced into this self-help movement.

The original 10 month construction period has been extended to three years. In the platinum era, the construction is basically completed with the balance fund raised by the owner, which is qualified for occupancy. The final delivery date is October 31.

However, on October 30, the day before the developer promised to deliver the house. However, it is not only one of the housing owners who failed to pay for the housing project in the era of handing in the certificate of housing, but also the payment for the project that the owners failed to pay for. In order to enable all owners to apply for real estate certificates and realize real estate value-added, the house price per square meter is adjusted by 850 yuan, which is specially used for handling the house property certificate. The owner who is not willing to adjust the house price can return the house unconditionally at the original price.