Five ants battle with the latest net value of the fund to such income satisfaction?

 Five ants battle with the latest net value of the fund to such income satisfaction?

According to the latest statement of five fund companies, Jimin now holds class C fund shares. From 0:00 on November 23 to 15:00 on December 22, 2020, fundamentalists can convert their class C fund shares into class B fund shares and redeem them automatically, and then they can get the refund money.

Source: China Fund announcement

After 15:00 on December 22, 2020, the fund company will no longer receive the application for class B shares, and class B shares will be automatically cancelled. B shares can only be withdrawn by the holder and cannot be purchased. In addition, no matter whether investors withdraw or not, all investors will be exempted from the fund management fee, custody fee and sales fee from the establishment of the fund to December 22.

After the expiration of the selection period, the basic people can choose to sell in the market.

At the same time, the Fund announcement shows that fund companies are actively promoting the transfer of custody business, and in the future, five funds can also choose to transfer to the exchange.

At present, the Innovation future fund still retains the opportunity of listed companies. According to the announcement of e fund, in November, the fund has been allocated carrier shares (30057. SZ) and Lianchuang Electronics (002036. SZ).

Among them, 5.5493 million shares of Lianchuang electronics were allocated, the fixed increase price was RMB 901 million, the book value was RMB 60.2664 million, accounting for 0.5% of the net fund value, and the lock-in period was 6 months; 1.1844 million shares of carrun shares were allocated, with the book value accounting for 0.29% of the net fund value, and the lock-in period was also 6 months.

For the 13.6 million holders, do they choose to go or stay?

Interface news reporters learned that at present, the attitude of fund holders is divided into three camps, some choose to take profits, some choose to continue to hold, and some funders have made it clear that they will continue to buy after the exchange trading.

The 18 month closing period was still too long, and when I bought these funds, I just wanted to sell ant stocks strategically. Now it seems that even if they will be allocated to ant shares again, the schedule will be far away. For such a long period of closure, its better to buy open-end funds with other scientific and technological innovation themes. Perhaps the yield is higher. Senior citizens have.

For novice fundamentalists who only bought three or five hundred yuan, the five ant war fund is the first fund they buy. For these changes, they often choose to continue to hold. I only bought 500 yuan in total. I really cant understand these complicated announcements. I should deposit 500 yuan for a fixed term, and then look at the yield after 18 months. It should be at least higher than that of fixed deposit.

But you Jimin said that the rise and fall are bearish, stick to the end, firmly optimistic about the ability of these fund managers, and long-term optimistic about the huge potential of the science and technology innovation board. After the transfer of custody, bargain hunting can continue to buy, looking forward to 18 months later will bring excellent returns.

In this weeks market review and outlook, huitianfu wealth said that the company attaches great importance to huitianfus innovative future fund, and will spare no effort to maximize the investment and research advantages of the professional team, and strive to bring good investment experience to the holders. But the fund manager Lao jienan purchased 2 million yuan in the issue period and will continue to hold it in the future.

Huaxia Fund wealth also said that for the opening of class B share conversion opportunities next Monday, fund manager Zhou Kepings self purchased 2 million yuan will always be held and will not withdraw early. Zhou Keping said, the fund will continue to operate in a closed loop and still retain the opportunity to participate in the strategic placement of Listed Companies in the future.

Source: interface news editor: Guo Chenqi_ NBJ9931