Why has the two child policy been liberalized, but the fertility rate has been declining year after year?

 Why has the two child policy been liberalized, but the fertility rate has been declining year after year?

Liang Zhongtang said the problem of aging cannot be solved by raising the fertility rate. As a result of social development, aging needs to take positive measures and pay attention to the problem of rural population aging. The results of this census will be an important basis for solving the problem of aging in China in the future.

China Newsweek: what do you think? Recently, some experts mentioned that the full liberalization of the second child did not lead to the birth peak?

Liang Zhongtang: there is a group of people who misunderstand the central governments policies after the second child. They believe that the transition from single second child to universal second child is an urgent consideration in response to aging. In fact, this is not the case. In fact, the state realizes that family planning has gone into a misunderstanding. These policies are abandoning the family planning policy. However, some people have not come out of the propaganda ideology of family planning dominated by the state in the past few decades.

Institutional reform has changed the national health and Family Planning Commission into the health and Health Commission. The key word of family planning has disappeared, which means that our state organs have no family planning function. The continuous decline of fertility rate is due to the fact that our countrys economic production and life, from taking the family as a unit and pursuing labor force to now, most people have entered the city and changed the previous single production mode in the market economy system.

Liang Zhongtang: This is mainly caused by the development of our economy and society. No matter how many children are now suitable for birth in the city or in the countryside. Young people are not willing to marry and have children, which is caused by social pluralism, which is the necessity of social development. As early as before the release of the second child, I said that the Chinese people had already been reluctant to have children, and they were still crying out for fear that there would be an upsurge of childbirth after the release of the second child. I said that you should wait and see.

Liang Zhongtang: this process is more violent than that in the West. Basically speaking, it is a normal thing.

China Newsweek: what do you think of aging?

Fertility rate may be close to Japan and South Korea

China Newsweek: now there is a saying that we need to vigorously increase the fertility rate and solve the problem of aging with new population. What do you think?

Liang Zhongtang: This is still in the dimension of family planning. The fertility rate can not be raised by your advocacy, nor can it be solved by family planning in the past.

Fertility is a result of economic and social development. When human beings come to this stage, their life expectancy is getting longer and longer. How to live in this state is what people are trying to do. According to the current social development pattern, this is normal.

This argument is actually an empty cannon. In recent years, our fertility rate has declined and the labor force is insufficient. However, the development of science and technology and the Internet has solved the problem of how much labor force. No matter when there is a contradiction between supply and demand, it can be solved.

China Newsweek: what do you think of some experts calling for two or three children to raise the fertility rate?

Liang Zhongtang: its a shame to be in charge of women, girls and children. The policy doesnt mention this anymore, but some people cant turn the corner and are still shouting. This is a state of transition.

China Newsweek: what do you think of the declining willingness of young people to have children?

Liang Zhongtang: This is the result of lifestyle change. When people make choices, they need to have reasons and grounds to push them to make choices. Basically, its not that they can afford to live, but that they have to live according to their own way of life. This is a manifestation of social progress and pluralism, but now people are not adapted to this diversity, and are still using the original single life state to demand and match.

China Newsweek: what is the specific level of fertility in China?

Liang Zhongtang: it is not clear how high the fertility rate is in China at present. To discuss this problem, we should first know the total population. Previously, the over birth of family planning has formed a mechanism of concealing and underreporting. Therefore, it is not clear how high the fertility rate is. However, the general trend continues to decline. Now we should be similar to Japan and South Korea. Anyway, it should be a very low and low state, even lower than them. First, they have not controlled the population stage. Second, we have entered a higher stage of development, faster than them. Therefore, it is not surprising that the decline process is faster than them. Lets mainly look at this census. This is also the process of obtaining the actual population data.

Liang Zhongtang: in fact, human beings have been solving their own survival problems and looking for solutions. You need to finish your work to earn money, to pay for three meals a day, and to have a safe place to sleep. Aging is also such a problem, when it appears, people solve it. Just like the shortage of labor force, robots appear, resources are unfair, and a new economic situation appears. People should actively deal with the inevitable result of social development.