Jinsha doesnt mind being called love brain: she doesnt want to live a rational life

 Jinsha doesnt mind being called love brain: she doesnt want to live a rational life

In an interview with the media, Jinsha also talked about it again, saying that she didnt keep the appointment in the program because she was not sure whether she liked herself or not.

During the recording of sister riding the wind and waves, Jinsha clearly showed her hate to marry heart, and Zhang Yuqi also clamored to help her recruit her targets. Invited to daughters in love 3, Jinsha said frankly that she was attracted by the story of the date between Chen Jon and Allen in the last seasons program. Even if it was not successful, it would be a good experience to be recorded the heart beating experience in the journey.

Before the program officially began to record, she called Chen Jon to learn from the classics: at that time, her state was very similar to mine. Jon told me that we should first hold a relaxed attitude like making friends. After several episodes of recording, Jinsha also felt that she had grown up a lot: in the past, it was very difficult for me to open my heart and share my inner emotional world with you. girls love 3 made me worthwhile

Jinsha said that she would watch every issue of girls in love and the whole episode was open. Therefore, the audiences comments on her love brain, Princess disease, hate marriage, unrealistic and so on, she actually saw, and generously accepted: I sometimes feel that I dont like the unrealistic myself after watching it. I have also grown up through the program, and there will be some changes.

How impractical is it? Lets have a look at Jinshas public view of spouse selection in the program - a little higher, more than 1.8 meters; big eyes, high nose, three-dimensional facial features, the most funny and good-looking, like sports, I hope he is also an outsider. Not only did the audience make complaints about these requirements harsh, but even her father was scared and curled at the beginning. Where is there such a person in the world? She doesnt seem to have a full understanding of her age.

Jinsha said with a smile that such an idea would be formed. In fact, it had a lot to do with the fact that she had been well protected by her family since she was a child, and she had lived a carefree life. Like many girls, she once yearned for Yang Guo and Guo Xiang to meet each other vigorously. In the past, some people said that my view of love was too idealistic, but I insisted that I would not change it.

After the beating inside and outside of girls love 3, Jinsha said that she had some reflection. Its necessary to go out of the fairy tale world and have a good look, but it doesnt have to be so magnificent. As long as I live with love, I will be very satisfied.

When talking about the love brain, she was a little confused: I dont know whether I am a love brain or not? Maybe people will feel very impulsive, but I just want to express my willingness to devote myself to love to a certain extent. In order to ensure that I have time to date and communicate with each other for the sake of this love relationship, I will sacrifice part of my career, work and money.

She said frankly that she didnt mind being called a love brain, and she didnt have the heart to explain: I think I really need to cut off part of my time to get along with others, otherwise I would feel like Im living in a dead circle, like a working machine. If I dont feel love, my artistic inspiration will be very poor, so I dont really want to live a very rational life.

Besides having enough time to get along with each other, Jinsha also points out that the most important and difficult thing in a relationship is communication. There was a time difference of two months between the recording and broadcasting of the program. When she saw the grand occasion and said a lot of words that she didnt have the courage to say to her face-to-face, her heart was also mixed: if she said it to me, the ending might be different.

In the interview, Jinsha also revealed the latest fine-tuning view of mate selection: the age difference with me is about one round, and the most important thing is the other partys cultivation quality. The story of daughters in love 3 continues. If she is lucky to meet love, Jinsha emphasizes that she will never give up her career: I may spare 40% of my energy to deal with emotional relationships and interact with people I like. Even if there is a family life in the future, I hope the energy of both is half and half. I dont like to lose my professional aura. If I leave what Im good at, Im afraid Ill become a very mediocre person. I hope girls dont lose their career foundation completely.

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