The director of Lu Ding Ji supports Zhang Yishan: he is the best choice for Wei Xiaobao

 The director of Lu Ding Ji supports Zhang Yishan: he is the best choice for Wei Xiaobao


Being a director for 20 years, I was once scolded by black powder

Beijing News: do you expect the series to cause so much controversy?

Ma Jin: I have been a director for 20 years. Its the first time that Ive been knocked down on the door. Occasionally, I opened the microblog and saw someone in Aites own little friend, directors microblog is here, lets blow it up! As a result, some people began to speak disrespectfully

Lu Dings website has a simple conclusion. But I think the audience has the right to give their own comments on any node of a work, even the first shot of the opening. For all online reviews, I hold an open and inclusive attitude. I also hope to get new findings and review in the criticism, which is an important way for self-improvement.


Deconstructing the river and lake on the basis of respecting the original works

Beijing News: Lu Ding Ji is a classic in many peoples minds. So far, there are no less than ten versions of the film and TV series. We are familiar with the story and the characters. What would you like to bring to you this new version of the deer tripod?

Ma Jin: first of all, I would like to thank the producers for their sincerity and trust. Whats the most important reason for the director to take over the film, that is to say, the director and I have been shooting the film for three times? I had to find the answer to convince myself.

First of all, like many people, I was addicted to Jin Yongs novels at a certain time in my youth, and I was also a loyal fan who did not think about tea and rice. As a director, it is 30 years later to see the story of the deer tripod.

I feel that the audience of the post-80s, 70s and 60s have their own generations of trinket and the deer tripod. I dont need to pay homage to whom or even copy them mechanically. Therefore, I have never seen every film and television version of the deer tripod, which is deliberately avoided.

If we cant explain the work in a new dimension, the remake will be meaningless. Despite the risks, I have never been afraid of them. So, when the creators and actors asked me, director, who is the audience of our version of the deer tripod? I said frankly, after 00 and after 10.. Of course, the post-85s watch it with the post-10th generation. I am also very happy. We hope that the old fans in the story of the deer Ding can accept it and like it. This is the perfection and perfection.

Some people say that Lu Ding Ji is a tragedy, some say it is a comedy, and some say it is a serious drama. I just think it is a farce, which is based on a high degree of abstraction of Trinkets life experience. Therefore, Deconstruction of the lake and the divine power has become the core appeal of this edition of the story of the deer tripod. As a result, the path and style of deconstruction have gradually taken shape, which is based on the basic realistic scene atmosphere, the Qing Dynasty logo color matching with red and green, and the performance characteristics of cartoon painting style to complete this double deconstruction adventure. Of course, this style of painting can also be understood as New Expressionism.

First of all, Deconstruction of the river and lake needs to be clear about what it means? The river and the lake are the antithesis of the temple. There is a big difference between the court and the wild.

The river and lake is a folk Vanity Fair marked by internal strife and internal friction. Self deception is the internal logic of the existence of the lake. This point, in the days of the meeting and the major sects between the dog, careful audience will find our expression. Deconstruction of the river and the lake is actually the humanistic mission given by Mr. Jin Yong to Wei Xiaobao. Whether each edition of Lu Ding Ji has completed the full expression of this proposition is also a yardstick to measure its creation level.

Deconstruction is the Newtonian painting style to show the fighting within the limits of human physiology in the age of cold weapons, and the merciless end of all kinds of magic arts by hot weapons. This is the echo of Deconstruction of the river and lake.

In 2013, Chinas change-3 probe arrived on the moon, and no Change Wu Gang and little white rabbit were found. While building the star chain, musk has already sold VIP tickets for space travel. In the situation that human beings have entered the AI era, it is very funny and immature to shoot cornices, walk wall flower boxing and embroider legs, and then go crazy to point dumb and laugh acupoints, which lacks basic respect for the IQ of contemporary audiences.

As for how to deconstruct, I do not want to show you how to deconstruct it. The first thing I did to shoot the deer tripod is to give you a happy time. This is the common wish of all the actors and me!

Zhang Yishan

Hes the right person for trinket.

Beijing News: as the actor of trinket, Zhang Yishans acting skills in the play have been questioned by many netizens. Many netizens feel that what they see is not a clever and funny trinket, but a grandiose one like a monkey. What are the characteristics of this version of Trinket? What was the consideration of choosing Zhang Yishan as Trinket? As a director, what do you think of Zhang Yishans performance in the play?

Ma Jin: to say that a mountain is like a monkey is a description. However, it is typical of injury and violence to put a picture of a monkey and a mountains head together to yell and scold.

Trinket is a very extreme and special character. Born in a brothel, he is used to the darkness of the world. He doesnt know who his father is. However, he is still kind and optimistic. He is proficient in all kinds of wine, sex, wealth and temperament, and has collected all the bad qualities of old Chinese stinky men. But there is a family and a country in the heart, and moral principles should be stressed in life.

To be frank, Zhang Yishan is one of the best actors in his age. He deserves to be the best actor for trinket. He is not only good at understanding and expression, but also very dedicated, and often surprises the director. In terms of acting, one mountain is also the top of all the versions of Trinkets series so far.

The overall style of the play is a strong comic feature, which creates the overall appearance of the characters with the humorous lines and exaggerated performances. As far as character creation is concerned, Yishan has done a very good job. He is the trinket I am looking forward to!

Moreover, each edition of Trinket has its own expression pack. I believe that Yishans version contributes the most and is the most lovely, because the style of this edition is cartoon style.

If you must say that he has a problem, it is also my problem, it has nothing to do with the actors!

For an actor like Ichiyama, because the audience loves him very much, he thinks he should perform well. It is normal to expect his performance to explode.

He cried when he was killed. After eight and a half months of continuous shooting, no matter whether he was physically overdrawn or under psychological pressure, he was finally relieved and released at that moment

Its lucky for the director to cooperate with Yishan. We have cooperated with each other twice, and the third time will come soon!

Wife group

Minimize the seven women in the same frame

Beijing News: in terms of character relationship, it seems that Princess Jianning has become the No. 1 female, and the other six ladies are supporting roles. Have you made any adjustments in the roles of these ladies? Do you have concerns about one man and seven women?

There is an actor in the play. Princess Jianning has the most parts, of course, the first girl. There is no need to worry about the appearance of each character in the play.

When it comes to the story of the deer tripod, Im afraid everyones first reaction is trinket and his seven wives. However, in todays audience structure and cultural context, it is obviously inappropriate to exaggerate polygamy. This is a great disrespect to the world and a blatant offense to girls and women. Therefore, one dragging seven is a dilemma expression, but it is an important content of the whole story that can not be separated. Waiting for seven wife to make complaints about Tucao is the classic pleasure of the deer and the tripod. What we want to do in this edition is to minimize the seven girls in the same frame. However, it is absurd to require Wei Xiaobao with the standard of five bars, which is also despised by Jin Yong fans.


In line with character temperament and human setup

Beijing News: apart from Tang Yixin and Zhu Zhu, most of the actresses in the play are not very familiar with. Some netizens think that the actresses beauty and recognition are not very high. Can you talk about the general selection criteria?

Ma Jin: we think Tang Yixin has a sense of existence because we are familiar with her and how well her Jianning has been completed. The N versions are all hanging on the Internet. We will get our own answers. Among the other actresses, except Zhu Zhu, who is very popular, most of them are new or even plain people. They are going to let everyone know through this play. The selection criteria are simple: in line with the character temperament and human settings. Please dont worry. They are coming on stage one after another. After watching, they are welcome to comment.

The rhythm is disordered

Im sorry I cant show it completely

Beijing News: the plot of this play is progressing very fast. Some netizens concluded that Mao was arrested in one minute, Duke Hai in five minutes, the emperor in ten minutes, and Forty-two Chapters in twenty minutes. What are the reasons for this fast-paced narration?

Ma Jin: I cant deny that the first two episodes are really messy. Im sorry for you! Because all the staff of the crew are very distressed, the achievements of hundreds of hard work can not be presented to the audience. Its really a pity! So, everybody has the opinion specially understands, I am sorry!

I sincerely hope that Lu Ding Ji will continue to bring you more joy! thank you!

Lu Ding Ji source: new Beijing News Editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395