Hot real estate information asymmetry Shenzhen online app all projects online subscription

 Hot real estate information asymmetry Shenzhen online app all projects online subscription

According to the requirements, it is necessary to complete online registration and on-site audit and freezing at the same time to complete sincere registration. This is also considered by the industry that Shenzhen property market new rules will change.

In the first half of this year, due to the fact that the prices of some second-hand houses are hanging upside down, Shenzhens property market is booming. Many popular new buildings were robbed within minutes of opening, and customers paid millions of tea fees to obtain the qualification to see houses. During this period, the listing prices of second-hand houses also jumped. However, Shenzhens supervision of the real estate market has gradually become stricter since April this year. Both new and second-hand houses have been comprehensively renovated. Among them, for the illegal acts of real estate development enterprises and intermediary agencies charging tea drinking fee and renaming fee, all the houses involved in the case are suspended from online signing authority. For part of the listing price is significantly higher than the real transaction price of second-hand housing also all off the shelf processing.

In fact, Shenzhen will push the purchase of the app system news has been a period of fermentation.

According to a letter of reply from the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development to the public, according to the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, hot spots must be sold in a way of notarized lottery and priority for families without houses.

In addition, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development stressed that in view of the problems in the lottery process, Shenzhen Bureau of housing and urban rural development is grasping to sort out and summarize, and take relevant countermeasures to deal with them: first, require the housing and construction of all districts to strengthen the supervision of the lottery process, supervise the developers to strengthen the data review, and prevent fraud; second, our bureau is studying and developing the purchase recognition app system Real estate project subscription is carried out through official app, and actively communicate with civil affairs, social security, public security and other departments to realize data sharing and prevent fraud.

Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of E-House Research Institute, said that the launch of the official purchase sincerity registration function in Shenzhen helps to better register the purchase intention, and has a positive role in regulating the transaction order of some hot real estate projects. It fully reflects the current implementation of the policy of not speculation in housing, but also helps those who just need to buy a better choice of real estate.

Yan Yuejin said that from the special instructions of the app application, it made clear the original intention and purpose of the purchase sincerity registration system, that is, for the real estate sales management, accurately grasp the residents purchase demand, so as to achieve the purpose of giving priority to the purchase of houses by families without houses. At the same time, the system also makes it clear that buyers should understand the real estate regulation policies, truthfully declare the registration information of purchase sincerity, and be responsible for the authenticity of the materials submitted. If the policy is violated, there are three consequences. First, it should be included in the integrity files and punished jointly by relevant departments. Within the second or third year, the company has no right to use the registration system of purchase sincerity. Third, the deposit or deposit given to the developer may be confiscated by the developer. Through this kind of function, we can implement the guidance of priority purchase for those who just need to buy a house, which also effectively prevents the practice of queuing up at sales offices of hot real estate. At the same time, it can also better grasp the purchase information, prevent the entry of all kinds of speculation demand, and truly promote the healthy development of the market. In the follow-up, for some hot buildings or buildings with a large number of projects to be raised, they will be incorporated into such platforms and systems, which will truly combine with the real estate order control work of the local government.