Royal highness of the wolf published a paper in memory of his mother

 Royal highness of the wolf published a paper in memory of his mother

Netease Entertainment reported on November 21 that recently, Wangs royal highness of the wolf, starring Wang mainland, went online recently. Wang sent a late night article in memory of his mother, hoping that his mother should also remember to watch and said that the wolf will always love you.

The full text of Wang is as follows:

Mom ~ have you seen it? You will ask me when I go home in the past three years, your highness wolf, when can I see it! I know you like sister Yushans works! We are very attentive to this work! Although this version is not as good-looking as the original, but it also has 6, 70 points! You also have to remember to watch! Wolf only loves one! Wolf always loves you.

It is reported that Wangs mother suddenly fell into a coma in the early morning of August 5. After emergency medical treatment, she was judged to have a brain stem tumor ruptured. Although she was still unable to recover from emergency surgery, she died on the 9th. Due to a sudden accident, Wang continental temporarily stopped all his work on the 5th and stayed in the hospital all the time. He stayed in the intensive care unit for several days, but his mother still didnt wake up. At present, his family members have entrusted Longyan renben with a low-key treatment of the aftermath.

It is understood that no one, including Wangs mother, knew that she had a brain stem tumor without any symptoms or signs. She was found unconscious in bed near noon on the 5th, and was immediately sent to Cathay Pacific hospital near her home. At that time, the coma index was 3. Although the doctor pointed out that the time of discovery was too late and the operation was not necessarily useful, the family members still decided to let go One stroke, but the postoperative state is not good, for the drug did not respond, finally in the 9th 2:33 am declared dead.

In the early morning of September 16, Wang mainland posted a picture of himself and his mother in his social account to celebrate her birthday. He is very mischievous, the name of his mother can see that their usual relationship is really good. Happy birthday, fat lady. Its fun to be a little angel. Be happy. 2020 is a bit scary. We should be safe.

In a V-shaped photo, put a hand under the chin. Wangs mother was smiling lovingly behind him, though the man was no longer there. I believe that such a warm group photo will certainly give great power to the king.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395