The latter is expected to join the Los Angeles eagles

 The latter is expected to join the Los Angeles eagles

Bogdan is now a favorite in the free agent market and a rare flanking player. Last season, he averaged 15.1 points, with a 3-point shooting rate of 37.2%. Bogdan, who had been traded to Milwaukee, became a free agent again because the kings deal with the Bucks was invalid.

The report also revealed that the Bucks had abandoned Bogdans pursuit in favor of other goals.

Subsequently, according to reporter Emiliano karzia revealed that Bogdanovic is expected to receive an offer from the hawks and complete the signing after the free agent market opens.

According to Sports Illustrateds man Nix, the Lakers and Raptors are interested in free agent Thompson from the Cavaliers, hoping to sign the big man.

The Lakers want to win LeBrons former teammate Thompson, who can strengthen the teams front court. Meanwhile, the Raptors, who are likely to lose mark Gasol and Ibaka, are expected to chase the big man, and Thompsons days in the Cavaliers may be over