Warm heart! Zhang Meng squats to tie shoes for her pregnant assistant

 Warm heart! Zhang Meng squats to tie shoes for her pregnant assistant

Zhang Meng, dressed in black, is waiting for her flight. The pregnant woman beside her has a big belly. She seems to be inconvenient to move. Zhang Meng helps her tie her shoes without any star frame.

It is reported that the pregnant woman next to Zhang Meng is her assistant Qingqing. Although their relationship is colleagues, they have been like sisters in many years. As an assistant, Qingqing has been with Zhang Meng for 16 years.

Zhang Meng also talked about her assistant in previous programs. She said: the assistant has been with her for 16 years. When she got married, she was very sad and once cried. It can be seen that their relationship is more like family.

Zhang Meng won the 53rd Miss Universe China champion in 2004 and has since entered the performing arts circle. In 2005, he took charge of his first film and television work my master ups and downs. In 2010, Zhang Meng was well known by many audiences for her Chuanyue opera myth. Later, he gradually transformed into a producer. This year, Zhang Meng took part in the variety show sister riding the wind and waves and stepped into the publics view. With her upright character and proprietresss personnel, Zhang Meng won the love of many audiences.

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Zhang Meng laces her pregnant assistant