No break up! A SA and her 10 billion boyfriend go shopping hand in hand and meet Ren Dahua to exchange greetings

 No break up! A SA and her 10 billion boyfriend go shopping hand in hand and meet Ren Dahua to exchange greetings

According to Hong Kong media, on November 20, according to Hong Kong media, on the 20th, some Hong Kong media photographed ASA Cai Zhuoyan and Shi hengcong, the princes boyfriend of the 10 billion mahjong parlor, appeared in central. They went shopping with each other in a big way and were very affectionate, trying to break the rumors of their breakup. ASA is simple and casual in a white jacket and jeans, while Shi hengcong is wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of jeans for lovers, which is a perfect match.

They met Ren Dahua on the road. He wore black vest and white inside, and wore a small hat. He was cool and handsome. After a good greeting on the street, he left. It was a good fate.

Asked when she would marry her boyfriend, ASA said with a happy smile, its none of your business You can write whatever you like. (the relationship has been stable?) No more. Bye

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Cai Zhuoyan breaks up with her boyfriend Shi hengcong

According to Hong Kong media, a-sa and Anthony, a wealthy man, have been in love for more than three years. She has met their parents and started a semi cohabitation relationship. However, both of them keep a low profile and rarely have a group photo. It is reported that the two have separated, and they are planning a love affair after taking a holiday in Maldives. Until July this year, ASA decided to break up When she moved back to her home in Hongshan Peninsula, ASAs feelings were further damaged.

As for the fact that love has become one thing, ASA himself replied to the Hong Kong media to prove that he had not broken up, and even more bluntly denounced making things out of nothing: Im sorry! They got the wrong message! out of thin air! So I dont respond.

On September 9, Hong Kong media reported that ASA Choi Yeon and Prince Shi hengcong of the 10 billion mahjong hall had been estranged from each other since they both flew to Maldives for a holiday in December last year, and ended up breaking up in July this year.

According to the report, the two were very happy at first. Often on a sweet outing together, ASA has been photographed staying in her boyfriends multi billion mansion in Jiulongtang, developing into a semi cohabitation relationship. In December last year, when they went to Maldives for a visit, they quarreled and fell into the cold war for a time. After that, ASA moved back to her apartment in Hongshan Peninsula and rarely went to her boyfriends house.

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