Yongmei aftershock hit, bank shares smashed! Auto stocks are all good, tide reappearance

 Yongmei aftershock hit, bank shares smashed! Auto stocks are all good, tide reappearance

Auto dividend good frequency, stock price limit tide

After nearly two weeks of adjustment, auto stocks rose again today, including 13 stocks of inbell, Quanfeng automobile, Zhongtong bus, Wencan Co., Ltd., GAC group, etc., among which, Xiaokang shares rose 4 times in 5 trading days, Nanfang bearing rose 4 times in a row, and Dongan power rose 3 times. Tire pressure monitoring, new energy vehicles, unmanned driving and other sub sectors all increased by more than 3%, while fuel cells and charging piles also increased by more than 2%.

Hefei Municipal Peoples government yesterday issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the development of new energy automobile industry. According to the opinion, the working target is that by 2025, the scale of new energy vehicle industry in Hefei will exceed 100 billion, the vehicle production capacity will reach 1 million, and the quality brand will have international competitiveness, and become an important new energy vehicle industrial base in China.

Anxin Securities said that it is expected that with the leadership of the central government and financial support, local governments will continue to follow up the auto consumption policy with high possibility by analyzing the three major measures proposed by the State Council executive meeting to expand automobile consumption and combing the subsidy policies of local governments for automobile consumption since February. For the whole vehicle, BYD, Great Wall Motors, GAC group, SAIC Group and Changan Automobile are recommended, and Geely Automobile is recommended; for parts, we mainly recommend Wencan and Fuyao Glass, and focus on Huayu automobile.

Bank stocks dragged down the market

In addition, at the 2020 China Mobile global partners conference today, Huawei chairman Liang Hua said that everyone was discussing the problem of high energy consumption of 5g. However, in fact, in 4G era, the energy consumption of one kilowatt hour can transmit and download 300 ultra clear films, while in 5g era, there are 5000. The energy efficiency of 5g is 10-20 times higher than that of 4G. Liang Hua suggested that in the early stage of industrial development, hierarchical energy-saving scheme should be adopted to reduce network energy consumption. He said he believed that 5g energy consumption would be further reduced and the concept of green emission reduction would be more complex.

Stimulated by multiple favorable conditions, A-share 5g concept in the early trading of today was once a straight-line rise. After the opening of zhongjiabo, the trading limit was pulled straight-line, and Oriental Zhongke, Shenzhou Taiyue and Westone also rose strongly.

In the process of self-discipline investigation on Yongcheng Coal and Power Holding Group Co., Ltd. and interviews with several intermediary agencies, the association of interbank market dealers found that the main underwriters, such as industrial bank, China Everbright Bank Co., Ltd. and Zhongyuan Bank Co., Ltd., as well as China integrity international credit rating Co., Ltd. and Xigema accounting firmuff08 Special general partnership (SGP) is suspected of violating the self regulatory management rules of the inter-bank bond market. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the rules on self discipline in the interbank bond market, etc., the association of dealers will launch a self-discipline investigation on relevant intermediaries.

Institutions: the market is ready to emerge at the end of the year

Societe Generale Securities said that 2021, as the opening year of the 14th five year plan and the first year after the establishment of A-share in the past 30 years, will present a new atmosphere in terms of institutional environment, investor structure and quality of listed companies. The overall market will fluctuate upward in 2021. The global economic fundamentals recovered from the epidemic, and the change of liquidity expectation is the main contradiction guiding the market. The end of the year and the beginning of the year is an important investment time point: the fundamentals continue to rise, the internal and external economy improves, and the prosperity is upward. Replenishing inventory varieties is expected to be the beneficial direction. When the economic growth rate turns downward, liquidity will become the focus of the market periodically, and its expected improvement is expected to provide investors with better buying point. At this time, the direction of liquidity benefits is worthy of investors attention.

CITIC Securities believes that the global economic recovery still needs a certain time, the overall liquidity environment is loose, the A-share technology sector is at a low emotional level, the overall valuation is lower than the historical average level, and the allocation value is prominent. It is suggested to focus on consumer electronics, Internet of things, cloud computing, intelligent driving, IDC, semiconductor, network security and Xinchuang.

Southwest Securities pointed out that since the fourth quarter, the market has carried out rapid industry rotation along the main line of recovery logic. The industry performance has transited from the early chemical industry and nonferrous metals (cobalt, lithium, aluminum and copper) to optional consumption (automobile), bulk commodities (steel and coal), and export industrial chain (Textiles and shipping), and has gradually extended to the recovery of service industry, such as hotels, tourism, shipping, film and television, etc. On the whole, the current market revolves around the main line of economic recovery, but the growth plate has gradually shown layout opportunities, and the market at the end of the year is about to come out! Standing at the current time point, we think that the industries with small growth in the recovery logic, as well as the wrongly killed sectors suppressed by negative factors, are worthy of layout, and there should be a good performance in December.

Guosheng Securities said that after the market experienced continuous differentiation for many days, the main board, the small and medium-sized board and the growth enterprise market showed relatively positive willingness to repair. Shanghai Stock Exchange stepped back on the 10-day and 20-day moving average line to gain support. However, due to the limited capacity, it still needs incremental funds and policy support to go up. During the continuous fermentation of credit default risk, the market is still in shock We should pay attention to the risk of debt risk transmitted to stocks, avoid high debt, high pledge and other stocks, and return to high-quality asset undervalued and high roe value companies.