Cang Jingkong sun baby netizen is sarcastic: who is his father? Its a mystery

 Cang Jingkong sun baby netizen is sarcastic: who is his father? Its a mystery

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Cang Jingkong basks in recent photos of his twin sons, and netizens are full of malicious comments online (source: ~)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 20 that Cang Jingkong recently released a picture of his son playing with the attached text its my son. Unexpectedly, some netizens sneered in the comment area. Not only did they question who the father of the child was, but also netizens joked that this was the cloud son of 20 million fans.

However, Cang Jingkong did not control the evaluation, allowing others to evaluate. Cang Jingkong said in an interview earlier that he was just an ordinary mother. I hope you will let me go.

It is reported that Cang Jingkong announced his marriage to her husband (djnon), a Japanese artist, on January 1, 2018. On May 1, 2019, Cang gave birth to twins, two babies of 2.200 kg and 2.500 kg. After giving birth to two children, Cang often shares their daily life on social platforms.

But Cang Jingkong before drying the childrens photos, in order to protect the children, intimate for the childrens code, but was ridiculed and ridiculed by netizens: to sun, dont code..

However, Cang Jingkong did not pay attention to these bad comments and ridicule, and continued to update his childrens daily life as usual. Some netizens noticed cangjingkongs home interior, saying that the living room area is large, the decoration is simple and generous, it is a Chinese style, very beautiful.

Cang Jingkong has been living a serious life since she became a mother from an actor. She has also created a book cangjing sky after dawn based on her own personal experience. I hope netizens can put down their prejudice against her.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395