Green screen door! Apple finally acknowledged that there was another big thing

 Green screen door! Apple finally acknowledged that there was another big thing

A similar green screen phenomenon has occurred on some iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 promax models, which Apple fixed in IOS 13.6.1.

Apples response: the problem does exist and is under investigation

Recently, the iPhone 12 series of Apples new mobile phone has been exposed by netizens that there are problems such as the bright screen turning yellow, unlocking failure, light leakage, flashing screen and so on. Even under the pure black background, there will be green around the screen.

Netizens group ridicule, for green environmental protection?

According to user reports, the problem appears to occur when the display brightness is set to about 90% or less. Many users have encountered this problem on IOS 14.1, IOS 14.2, and even the first two IOS 14.3 beta versions. Flickering or glowing is not always persistent. For some users, it will disappear after a short time.

The specific symptom is that the new machine will appear green around the screen in the state of black screen (light screen, pure black background). The above situation is not a few iPhone 12 series owners, and some users even said that it is the case after the replacement, and there is no improvement.

It is understood that similar green screen problems have affected some iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 promax models, which Apple has previously fixed in IOS 13.6.1.

In an internal document obtained by foreign media macrumors yesterday (November 19), Apple has admitted that some iPhone 12 displays display flashing, green or gray light, or other unexpected color changes under certain conditions. And in a document shared with Apples authorized service providers this week, apple said it was aware of user reports related to the problem and was investigating.

Apple has advised technicians to avoid servicing affected iPhones, at least for the time being, and to tell customers that they should keep their iPhones up to date with the latest IOS version. The guidance suggests that Apple may be confident of fixing the problem in future software updates.

Compensation of 740 million

Apples revenue plummeted nearly 30% in China

According to on the 19th, California Attorney General Besella announced on November 18 local time that Apple has reached a settlement agreement of 113 million US dollars (about 740 million yuan) with more than 30 states in the United States. Earlier, the company was accused of misleading consumers about software updates to some of its iPhone line products, deliberately slowing down the phone to extend battery life.

According to reports, in a statement, bessera said that Apple concealed battery information that would lead to degradation of the phones performance, while at the same time diverting users attention by updating the mobile phone system. This kind of behavior harms the rights and interests of consumers and limits their right to know.

Not long ago, apple just released the fourth quarter performance report of 2020. Although the revenue and profit exceeded the market expectations, iPhone became the only product with a decline in sales of Apples main products in the current quarter, and the sales volume in Greater China also dropped significantly.

According to the financial report, Apples fourth quarter revenue was 64.7 billion US dollars, the market expected 64.1 billion US dollars, the same period last year was 64 billion US dollars; the net profit was 12.7 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 8%.

According to the financial report, the sales volume of Greater China in the fourth quarter was 7.95 billion US dollars, which was 11.13 billion US dollars in the same period of last year, with a year-on-year decrease of 28.57%. However, Apple CEO Cook said sales were weak in the fourth quarter as Chinese consumers were waiting for 5gi phone. 5g is quite advanced in China, and apple is confident in this and has confidence in Greater China sales in the first quarter of fiscal year 2021.

Apple shares are up more than 60% a year

But Apple concept stocks have seen a correction

Overnight, Apple shares rose 0.52% to close at $118.64. Apples share price has risen more than 60% this year.

However, due to the continuous negative news of Apple company and the decline of fourth quarter performance, A-share Apple concept stocks appeared a wave of correction.

Lansi technology, Pengding holding, Xinwei communications, ofiguang and other leading apple industry chain turnover continued to maintain a low level, and the stock price did not improve. Data treasure statistics show that, compared with the years high, more than 60% of Apples concept stocks retreated more than 20%. The big callback range is Xinlun technology, Zhuoyi technology, oat technology, Jingyan technology, feirongda, etc.

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