Suspected industry insiders break news: babys bad word of mouth is about to drop sharply and cut prices

 Suspected industry insiders break news: babys bad word of mouth is about to drop sharply and cut prices

The real version of thirty? Baby is so rich that she can only stand by the side of the picture

Netease Entertainment reported on November 20 that recently, some people who claim to be insiders of the film and television industry have posted on the forum to answer questions online. They also talked about the engagement parts of many popular actresses. He directly brought the big names and talked about the popular actresses such as angelababy, Zhao Liying, sun Li and Ni Ni Ni.

Some netizens asked in the comment area that abs acting skills are so bad and the Department is in the street, why do people invite her with high pay? The person in the industry replied that babys invitation was gone, and even said that her reputation was broken.

In fact, its obvious that there is a lot less babys plays this year. Before that, almost all the leading actresses were filmed. This year, there was only one supporting role in skyscraper named Zhong Meibao. This industry personage says, true friend reduced price by half, it is Huang xiaominglas relationship in the entrepreneurial era.

The industry source also disclosed that Zhao Liying almost every play is high pay, and know or not is about 50 million or so, which is very low for Zhao Liying. However, compared with Zhao Liyings own TV drama achievements, we can find that Zhao Liying has been a blockbuster drama output for six consecutive years, and the audience rating has been increasing. Many of her works have become the number one network broadcast. Therefore, the industry insiders disclosed that she said that the half a billion movie pay was low for her, and it was worth the money.

As a matter of fact, Zhao Liying is dedicated to her work when she is filming, and she is able to support the audience after broadcasting. She has a certain market recognition, and her film pay is high. According to this netizen in the industry, most of the film and television actors salaries and positions still follow the market rules. Like Zhao Liying, the pay is high, but her performance is good and she is also making money.

However, Zhao Liying was also trapped. One of the revelations mentioned by the industry at the beginning was also suspected to be related to her. She said that two actresses in a modern drama were torn apart, and all the other plays were changed into phone calls. There were a few scenes that could not be changed and were shot at a low price. According to the information, some netizens infer that this play seems to be the you and me in the fall of the city time starring Zhao Liying in 2018. During the broadcast period of this play, there were indeed news about cutting corners and playing with women.

In December 2018, actor Xu Xiyan posted a report saying that in the shooting of the TV series you and Ive lost my city starring Zhao Liying and Jin Han, someone was forced out by his role as a planner and the general publisher, which led to the remake of Lin Qian, played by Zhao Liying. In the content, she alludes Cao Xiwen with you throughout the whole process. She discloses her various bullying behaviors on the set, saying that you temporarily changed roles and pushed someone away, leading to many remakes of Lin Qian played by Zhao Liying. And with her own screenwriter, forcibly demolish my CP, delete my part, and forcibly squeeze out a female Er of the original novel..

Xu Xiyan plays Zhu Hanjing, the daughter of the president of the group. In the original novel, Xu Xiyan and Ning Weikai, who is played by Zhang Junning, are official lovers, and have a lot of parts. In the TV series, some netizens found that not only were their Ningzhu CP dismantled, but also Zhu Hanjings role was greatly reduced. At the same time, Cao Xiwen played grace in a surprisingly large number of parts. Sometimes, her sense of existence was even greater than that of the female host. In addition, a large number of emotional plays with Ning Weikai were added, which aroused netizens query.

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