Download 5000 movies per kilowatt hour chairman of Huawei says 5g is more energy efficient than 4G

 Download 5000 movies per kilowatt hour chairman of Huawei says 5g is more energy efficient than 4G

The days of 5g news business are getting closer and closer.

On November 19, the annual China Mobile global partners Conference opened in Guangzhou. At the meeting, the worlds first 5g information platform was officially released.

Several mobile phone giants have passed the 5g message function test

According to the Securities Times reporter, at present, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, Samsung and other brands of mobile phones have passed the 5g message function test. Among them, a number of Xiaomis mobile phones have supported China mobile users to use 5g messages, and Huawei will upgrade the 5g message function of the mobile phones of the existing networks China mobile users by the end of November.

After the announcement of the news, 5g news concept stocks yesterday afternoon obvious changes. Leading Shenzhou Taiyue straight-line rise, once rose more than 6%, the end fell to 3.55%. Mengwang group, Wutong holdings have a straight-line rise, respectively up 4.83%, 3.96%.

5g news has entered the critical window period, and the market space can reach 300 billion yuan

According to the definition of 5g message white paper, 5g message is built based on gsmarcsup standard to realize multimedia and lightweight message, and realize interactive industry message by introducing MAAP technology. The internal test results of China Mobiles 5g message products show that 5g news has carried out multiple tests with close friends circle and 10086. The click through rate is 14-40 times higher than that of traditional SMS, and 11 times higher than that of wechat public news. The effect is significantly improved compared with traditional channels.

Guojin Securities Research Report believes that in the future, operators will take three steps of connection, ecology and service, and the near future is expected to increase the space of traditional SMS market from 40 billion to 100 billion; the prospect will integrate new ICT technologies such as cloud, big data and AI, and realize the transformation of message platform for operators 5g message business, and the market space can reach 300 billion.

Layout 5g news concept unit comes out

As early as April 8 this year, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom jointly issued the 5g message white paper. Chinas basic SMS service has entered a comprehensive upgrade channel, and the traditional SMS will be gradually replaced by 5g messaging (RCS service). At that time, the three stocks with the strongest rise were also Shenzhou Taiyue, mengwang group and Wutong holding. Among them, Shenzhou Taiyue gained 5 trading limit boards in a short period of 6 trading days, with a cumulative increase of more than 75%, becoming the biggest hot spot at that time.

In September, Taiyue said on the interactive platform that Taiyue 5g message cloud platform takes advantage of the companys accumulated capability for RCS for many years to provide corresponding cloud capabilities, assist message service providers or enterprise users to create 5g message application scenarios, promote the rapid development of 5g message and enhance the vitality of 5g information industry chain.

Wutong holdings mentioned on the interactive platform in July that Guodu Internet, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has signed a 5g message cooperation framework agreement with some customers, which has successfully helped Zhejiang Mobile to release 5g news, and has become the first batch of 5g news pilot partners of Jiangsu Mobile, but it has not yet obtained relevant revenue.

Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of China News Network_ NB12679