Liu Yifei is nominated for best female host

 Liu Yifei is nominated for best female host

Netease Entertainment reported on November 20 that nominations for each unit of the 26th critics Choice Award have been announced recently. Different from previous ones, the first reviewers choice super award was launched, which aims to award action films, animated films, science fiction films, thrillers and superheroes in the field of film and drama. The Disney film Mulan, starring Liu Yifei, won two nominations.

It is understood that Hua Mulan won the 26th critics Choice Award, the first critic chose the super Award for best action film, and Liu Yifei was nominated for the best action movie actress. The award ceremony will be held on January 10, 2021.

The critics Choice Award, also known as the American film critics Choice Award, is a film and Television Award sponsored by the North American Radio Film Critics Association and the American radio and Television Journalists Association. It is one of the important film and Television Awards in Europe and America. The critics Choice Award, together with the Golden Globe, the British Film Academy Award and the major professional union awards in the United States, is also known as the four major weathervanes of the Academy Awards.

Before that, Liu Yifeis Mulan won the 46th peoples Choice Award, the action movie of 2020. The peoples choice award is one of the oldest annual awards ceremonies in Hollywood. All awards are voted by movie, TV and music lovers, representing the trend indicators of the United States. After winning the prize, Liu Yifei also happily took photos in Ig to celebrate, and wrote: proud of our team! Thanks to all the fans who like our movie!

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