Liang Jingru shows up after her public love affair and is asked by Lu Tian, her new boyfriend, to avoid answering

 Liang Jingru shows up after her public love affair and is asked by Lu Tian, her new boyfriend, to avoid answering

When asked whether they want to see it together, Liang Jingru replied with a sweet smile: its very suitable. Everyone should bring good friends to see it. But when asked about her boyfriends question, she only smiles to avoid answering.

It is reported that on November 4, Liang Jingrus love affair with Lin Daguang, a 56 year old enterprise president, was exposed.

According to the media, it was reported in early October that Liang Jingru had a date. He was Lin Daguang, President of the restaurant in the fishing port. The two people in love, after dating, not only spend a sweet night together, but also get up early to enjoy the romantic sea view. When they are in love, they will have a French kiss when they are at the seaside.

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Are you happy? Liang Jingru, 42, has a new love affair with 56 year old handsome president

In mid October, Liang Jingru was photographed with a long haircut man at Zhengbin fishing port. After parking their cars, they chose a marine restaurant for dinner. In order to keep a low profile, they chose a corner position. It can be seen that after they arrived at the restaurant again, they opened the door for another one to have a rest.

According to information inquired by Taiwan media, the mysterious man with long hair is Lin Daguang, about 56 years old. He is not only the owner of the restaurant, but also the president of a certain brand.

Previously, when attending the event, Liang Jingru suspected that she had a new love after the divorce and was still dating.

On October 29, Liang Jingru attended an event and was asked about her emotional problems in an interview. Liang Jingru confessed that she was looking forward to love, and had gone to seek marriage a few months ago. When asked whether there is a new lover, Liang Jingru did not directly respond. Instead, when asked by the media whether she had a date with her, she responded yes, we have a tea date and chat with you, and then she said with a smile, you dont want to follow me.. As for whether she would admit it if she was photographed, Liang Jingru just said Shhh and hoped that everyone could give her private space and time.

In 2007, Liang Jingru got to know Tony, a red wine merchant, through her agent at the celebration banquet of her Shanghai concert. After that, the two began to associate. In mid June 2009, Liang Jingru held a concert in Malaysia. Zhao Yuantong presented a diamond ring worth 170000 yuan to propose marriage. On February 1, 2010, Liang Jingru and Zhao Yuan held a wedding ceremony on Boracay Island, the Philippines, with Li Zongsheng as the witness; on February 19, the wedding ceremony was held in Malaysia; on March 3, a banquet was held in Taipei, China, and the total cost of the three weddings exceeded NT $5 million. On April 18, 2014, Liang Jingru gave birth to her son, Anderson.

On September 8, 2019, Liang Jingru admitted at the album sharing meeting that she and Zhao Yuan had divorced and signed a divorce agreement, but there were still some procedures not completed. So far, the two ended their nine-year marriage.

On December 2, 2019, Zhao Yuan, Liang Jingrus ex husband, sent an article on the social networking website saying that he and Liang Jingru had signed for divorce.

After the divorce, Liang Jingrus ex husband completely let herself go, and openly flirted with female wanghong. The language was vulgar and explicit

Interaction between Zhao Yuantong and wanghong

Interaction between Zhao Yuantong and wanghong

Some netizens found that Zhao Yuan, Liang Jingrus ex husband, was flirting and interacting with wanghonglinqian on the social networking website. His words were ambiguous, which made the netizens cry out and cant bear to look directly at them.

Liang Jingru and Zhao Yuantong

On February 3, Lin Qian uploaded his own hot swimsuit photos on the social networking site. Zhao Yuan left a message to interact with him. The content of the message was not covered up at all, and was naked and direct. As early as September 2019, Liang Jingru just admitted that she had agreed to divorce with Zhao Yuantong. Zhao Yuantong and Lin Qian had a high-profile interaction on the social platform and made no secret of their relationship.

Liang Jingru falls in love with President after divorce agent: supports her pursuit of happiness_ NBJS11395