Fake Li Kui frequently focuses on real public offering

 Fake Li Kui frequently focuses on real public offering

According to the above announcement, recently, some Internet platforms counterfeited the name of Societe Generale fund, and released false investment and financing information or promotion projects through mobile phone applications (APP) and other channels to defraud customers information and defraud money, which seriously damaged the rights and interests of investors and the reputation of industrial fund.

Many other public fund companies have also experienced similar counterfeiting experiences this year.

According to the incomplete statistics of reporters from the international financial news, since this year, at least 10 public fund companies have announced that they have encountered criminals engaging in fraud activities in the name of their companies. There are a wide range of public fund companies involved, from head public offering to small public offering fund companies with a scale of only several hundred million yuan. The official account of these fund companies is fake but not limited to websites, APP, customer service phones, WeChat public numbers, etc.

The reporter learned that there are abundant means to fake Li Kui as public fund companies, including providing securities investment consulting services in the name of fund companies, and collecting so-called membership fees and training fees from investors; contacting investors through wechat and other channels, providing illegal securities activities such as financing and securities lending to investors through fake websites and app software; and providing funds and securities lending activities to investors by means of false websites and app software The company shall establish QQ group and wechat group for stock recommendation in the name of the company; release false investment and financing product information or promotion projects through app, wechat group, friends circle and other channels.

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of International Finance_ NBJ9607