Why are the two topics focused on consumption at the national standing committee this week

 Why are the two topics focused on consumption at the national standing committee this week

Li Keqiang called for a firm implementation of the strategy of expanding domestic demand in accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, further promote large-scale consumption and key consumption, and further release rural consumption potential.

To promote the release of rural consumption potential, we should focus on expanding the consumption of county towns and townships. The premier said, to expand consumption, we should not only meet the consumption upgrading needs of residents in large and medium-sized cities, but also meet the consumption needs of large-scale and wide-ranging county and township residents. We should adapt to the multi-level consumption demand and constantly improve and improve the peoples life.

Li Keqiang asked to strengthen the construction of county-level Township trade facilities and logistics stations to villages. We will support the construction of a living consumption service complex based on rural areas and close to farmers. We should crack down on fake and shoddy goods according to law and optimize the consumption environment in rural areas.

The meeting decided to stabilize and expand automobile consumption. Encourage all localities to adjust and optimize the purchase restriction measures and increase the number plate index. We will carry out a new round of automobile going to the countryside and exchanging old cars for new ones. We will encourage rural residents in areas where conditions permit to buy trucks of 3.5 tons or less and passenger cars with displacement of 1.6 liters or less. We will also give subsidies to residents who have eliminated the emission standards of National III or below and purchased new cars. We will strengthen the construction of parking lots, charging piles and other facilities. We should promote the consumption of home appliances and furniture. Encourage areas with conditions to give subsidies to the elimination of old household appliances and furniture and the purchase of green intelligent appliances and environmental protection furniture. We should boost food and beverage consumption. Encourage catering enterprises to enrich and improve dishes and innovate online and offline business models. Improve the catering service standards and support the promotion of high-quality characteristic diet in a market-oriented way.

Adapting to the needs of consumption upgrading and supporting the development of Internet plus tourism, we should improve inclusive and prudent supervision.

To promote the healthy development of Tourism under normal epidemic prevention and control, the meeting set up measures to support the development of Internet plus tourism.

Li Keqiang pointed out that the potential of tourism consumption is huge. I met a young entrepreneur when I visited a few years ago. He developed an application that connects the accommodation needs of tourists with the idle houses in the tourist destination. The Internet + tourism will play a positive role in promoting tourism consumption.

Li Keqiang stressed that adapting to the needs of consumption upgrading and supporting the development of Internet plus tourism should be improved and inclusive and prudent supervision. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen tourism safety monitoring and online complaint handling to crack down on deception.

The meeting decided to support the construction of smart tourist attractions, popularize services such as electronic map and voice guidance, create digital exhibition hall of characteristic scenic spots, and promote the digital construction of roads and tourist toilets. We should encourage more scenic spots to increase online marketing efforts, guide the development of new formats such as cloud tourism, and introduce measures to standardize the development of Internet plus tourism home and hostel. Reserve offline services for the elderly and other special groups.

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