We are all on the same ship reading the meaning of Xi Jinpings metaphor.

 We are all on the same ship reading the meaning of Xi Jinpings metaphor.

Were all in the same boat. When the wind is high and the waves are high, we should set the right direction, grasp the rhythm, unite and cooperate, ride the wind and waves, make steady progress, and drive towards a better tomorrow.

Two years ago ride the wind and waves in November 17th, Xi Jinping attended the APEC summit. In his keynote speech, he stressed that we are planning to develop cooperation with one ship, which is of special significance. It is proposed to stabilize the rudder plate, to push the quasi directional course, to push the wind and to break the waves. He also repeatedly called for helping each other in the same boat at multilateral organization summit and series of high-level UN meetings.

The BRICs summit in November 17th opened a prelude to Xi Jinpings attendance at a number of multilateral organization summit in the coming week. Before that, on the evening of November 10th, Xi Jinping had just attended the twentieth meeting of the heads of State Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Beijing.

Under the double impact of the international community and the economic downturn, Xi Jinping has concentrated on the international important occasions, and has systematically expounded Chinas analysis and judgement of the current situation, providing Chinas answers for the question of how the world is going and how we do it, and has injected strong China Power to promote cooperative anti epidemic and world economic recovery.

In November 20th, Xi Jinping will attend the twenty-seventh APEC informal leadership meeting in video.

Recently, after eight years of negotiation, the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) was officially signed, which marks the successful start of the construction of East Asia free trade area with the largest population, the most diverse membership structure and the largest development potential in the world.

In November 11, 2014, at the twenty-second APEC informal leadership conference, Xi Jinping put forward we decided to start and promote the Asia Pacific Free Trade Area. The successful signing of RCEP is the biggest step to realize the idea of Asia Pacific Free Trade Area.

Nanning International Railway Port in operation

Two sets of figures can confirm the gold content of RCEP:

u2014u2014After RCEP is signed, China will sign 19 free trade agreements and 26 free trade partners;

u2014u2014Through RCEP, China has established a new free trade relationship with Japan, which is the first time that China has signed a free trade agreement with the worlds top ten economies, increasing the trade coverage between China and its free trade partners from the current 27% to 35%.

Automatic wharf of Shanghai Yangshan deep water port with bright lights

The establishment of RCEP free trade zone will provide great help for China to build a new open economic system in the new era, and to form a new development pattern with domestic large cycle as the main body and domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other. Chinas new development pattern will also bring new development opportunities to the Asia Pacific region and the world.

The door of Chinas opening up will not be closed, it will only be opened wider and wider. Speeding up the implementation of the free trade zone strategy is an important part of Chinas new round of opening up.

If you observe the trend, you will be wise. Although the epidemic has accelerated the adjustment of the international pattern and the world has entered a period of turbulence and change, the reality that all countries share common interests and are closely linked to each others destiny has not changed. The people of all countries yearn for a better life more strongly, and the trend of the times of peace, development, cooperation and win-win results is unstoppable.

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