Back shot! Xiao Zhan takes off his coat with wide shoulders and narrow waist

 Back shot! Xiao Zhan takes off his coat with wide shoulders and narrow waist

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Xiao Zhans back shot

Hou Chang Cun Pao she reported on November 20 that Xiao Zhan, who had just finished work late at night, was seen in the drama group of the trump card army. On that day, he was wearing military uniform costume, chatting with several staff members and walking out. When he got to the front of the car, Xiao Zhan took off his military coat as he walked. He had a good figure with wide shoulders and narrow waist, and his back was so amazing! High paste can not stop the handsome ah!

After that, Xiao Zhan got on the bus and went back to the hotel. After arriving, Xiao Zhan had turned into a masked superman with all kinds of hats and masks.

It is reported that Xiao Zhan became popular with his petition order. Later, he experienced 227 incidents and was boycotted by many circles.

Now he seems to be out of the storm, and the kings new play Li Qin also began to hit the air.

Recently, Zhao Lusi suspected that the war of Xiao war was a hot topic. Many netizens make complaints about the womens play.

On the evening of October 30, it was reported on the Internet that Zhao Lusi deleted the screenshot of Xiao Zhan, and then Zhao Ruth studio made a clear refutation, saying that the only account of Ms. Zhao Ruth @ Zhao Ruths microblog did not publish the relevant content in the forged screenshot. For those who maliciously spread false screenshots, Zhao and her studio will reserve the right to pursue legal action.

The full text of the statement is as follows:


Today, some netizens maliciously forged the micro blog content of Zhao Lusi, an artist in the studio, which caused public criticism and adverse effects on Ms. Zhao. The studio made the following statement:

On the evening of October 30, 20, Ms. Zhaos only microblog account @ Zhao Ruths microblog did not publish the relevant content in the fake screenshot;

2. We hope that the majority of network users will stop spreading false screenshots and create a healthy network environment with us. For malicious dissemination of false screenshots, Ms. Zhao and her studio will reserve the right to legal investigation.

Zhao Lusi studio

October 30, 2020

Early in the morning of November 1, Zhao Ruth posted an article in her personal social media, saying that no one has been hurt, so you should not be unhappy, suspected of responding to the allegation of Xiao Zhan by blogging.

In the picture of the post, Zhao Lu Si has shown four photos. The first two are her beautiful photos, the third is a picture of a pet dog holding a doll in its mouth, and the fourth is a picture of her birthday celebrated by her friends last year. At that time, the three people were funny and full of laughter, and they specially marked last year 2019. I dont know what they want to express.

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