34 million free agent to jump out of Hyde

 34 million free agent to jump out of Hyde

After that, many teams showed interest in Hayward. In the words of some insiders, Haywards market is very hot.

As for why he had to leave Celtic, there are different opinions, but one is that Hayward felt betrayed by Celtic. It is reported that when he joined Celtic, the green army promised Hayward the role of the team, but Hayward felt that he did not get the corresponding role.

Since they knew Hayward was going to leave, the green army was not idle. It is said that they used Hayward to trade for hollerty, but failed in the end.

In addition, it is reported that at least the hawks and the green army have discussed the transaction of Hayward, the former wants to find a good helper for the future cornerstone of the team, Trey Yangxun.

The Knicks are also very active in their pursuit of Hayward. They are using various operations to create salary space for the team. According to ESPN, the Knicks created more than $40 million in salary space by giving up six players.