Full list of 2020 NBA draft: Edwards Wiseman top three

 Full list of 2020 NBA draft: Edwards Wiseman top three

Edwards, from the University of Georgia, has outstanding athletic ability. He was a rugby player when he was a teenager and had a range of shooting. However, the outside world seems to have doubts about his enthusiasm for basketball. In the past interviews, he has also made some relatively fan speeches, such as he prefers the NFL, because he will be punished for anything he does in the NBA game.

The second ranked warrior chose center James Wiseman of the University of Memphis, who topped the ESPN list in the class 2019. However, he was involved in the black gold incident and played only three games in the University.

The third hornet chose ramelo Bauer, the youngest son of the famous Bauer family. In high school, he had a brilliant performance. Although he was a point guard, his attack firepower was amazing. He had scored 90 + points in a single game. After that, he left high school and went to overseas League under the arrangement of his father. In the past season, he played for the hawks in Australia, averaging 17 points, 7.6 rebounds and 6.8 assists per game.

Fourth placed bulls chose violent forward Patrick Williams, whose ranking has risen significantly recently. The fifth Cavaliers choose to defend ace - okoro. The sixth hawk chose Oneka okungu, who was a high school teammate with the Bauer brothers. The seventh pistons chose dual defender Killian Hayes, who had a brilliant performance in the overseas League. The eighth Knicks chose New York native Obi toepin, the forward emotional, in the link has been crying. The 9 th wizard chose deni afdia, and his ranking was once in the top 4. The 10th sun chose Jay Smith. The 11th spurs chose Devon Wasser. The 12th King chose teris Halliburton. The 13th Pelican chose Keira Lewis Jr. The 14 th Celtic chooses the outside line god throws the Dragon - neismith.

After finishing the draft, the top 14 teams were selected

Here is the full list of the first roundu2014u2014

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Here is the full list of the second roundu2014u2014

Edwards, the No.1 pick in NBA draft, outshines Wade! Timberwolves sign ant man Edwards can speak Chinese! Warriors choose Wiseman university to be banned for taking bribes. Net red! Hornets explore flowers sign three balls. He is the most talented player. Source: Netease sports Author: jotette, editor in charge: Lin zishuo_ NB18590

Edwards No.1 in NBA draft