Suyuan criminals have revealed that after being released from prison, they sell coffee to climbers

 Suyuan criminals have revealed that after being released from prison, they sell coffee to climbers

According to South Korean media reports, Zhao doushun (68), a 68 year old inmate of the Suyuan case, will be released from prison next month. It has been revealed to his inmates that he intends to do coffee business after he is released from prison. He has recently applied for a re employment project allowance provided by the Ministry of justice of South Korea.

Zhao doushun and his restored color portrait in prison monitoring pictures

Zhao doushun, who was once held in the same cell with Zhao doushun, said in an interview after he was released from prison that Zhao doushun had mentioned to him that he planned to go back to Anshan City and sell coffee to climbers in the mountains near his home with his wife.

Zhao doushun recently submitted an application to the embracing work project of the South Korean Legal Protection welfare group under the South Korean Ministry of justice. The project is set up by the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Korea. It is a government support project for those who are about to be released from prison and protect the observation objects, and help them to return to society and realize reemployment. Through participating in the courses provided by the program, prisoners can obtain the help of reemployment guidance and employment recommendation provided by welfare groups. But since Zhao doushun is 68 years old this year, the possibility of taking office through the project is very low.

Because Zhao doushun insisted on returning to Anshan City after he was released from prison, the family of the victims of the Suyuan case, who originally lived in Anshan City, has decided to move. South Korean people have donated 250 million won (about 1.5 million yuan) for their moving expenses. The local government of Anshan City specially hired six policemen with martial arts rank certificates to deal with Zhao doushuns release from prison In addition, 35 surveillance cameras will be installed in Wai and special personnel will be assigned to monitor Zhao doushuns whereabouts 24 hours a day.

Zhao doushun kidnapped the eight year old victim of sexual assault in December 2008, causing serious injury to the victim. Zhao doushun was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment in the second year of the crime, and will be released from prison on December 13 this year.

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The victim of Suyuan case moved: I heard that Zhao Douchun was out of prison and had nightmares every day

Zhao Douchun, the original criminal of the South Korean film Suyuan, will be released from prison in December and return to live in his hometown Anshan. After hearing this news, the victim Na Ying (pseudonym) fell into uneasiness and was troubled by nightmares every day. On November 12, his father disclosed good news to the media that he had received 200 million won (about 1.19 million yuan) donations from caring people and decided to move. It is reported that Zhao Douchun is only about 1km away from the victims family.

According to the Yonhap news agency, her father said that she began to search for a house half a month ago, and has found a full tax house in other places and signed a lease contract. Hope the child can be cured in a safe place..

Na Yings father said that she was very sorry that she had not been able to leave Anshan because her family was poor. After proposing to move recently, Na Ying said that she really did not have the confidence to live in Anshan. When I thought of meeting Zhao Douchun in an unknown place, she was very afraid and had nightmares every day..

The Korean film Suyuan, which I have been afraid to watch, has to be explained with tears today (source: ~)

Nayings father also denounced Zhao Douchun, if he had a little introspection, he would not have decided to go back to Anshan. Its not as good as an animal! Why does he live well, but the victims and residents are scared to leave?

Zhao Douchun, 68, kidnapped and sexually assaulted an 8-year-old primary school girl, Na Ying, in 2008 in Anshan City, capital city. However, the judge ruled that he was old and mentally unstable after drinking, coupled with the legal provisions on the upper limit of Korean prison term at that time, Zhao Douchun was finally sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, which aroused public indignation.

In December this year, Zhao Douchun was released from prison. After he was released from prison, he decided to return to Anshan City, where the crime occurred. There are more than 100 nurseries and kindergartens within one kilometer around Zhao Douchuns home. Local residents, especially students parents, are terrified by the news that Zhao Douchun is about to be released from prison. Many residents protest to the government and others want to move.

Under the pressure of public opinion, on September 14, Yin Hexie, mayor of Anshan, wrote a letter to Qiu meiai, Minister of justice, urgently demanding the formulation of a law on the protection and reception of sexual offenders, calling for Zhao Douchun to continue to be isolated in the protective and reception facilities that can be supervised and managed. However, the Ministry of Justice said that Zhao Douchun could not be isolated from the protection facilities because there was no retrospective application provisions.

Although South Koreas Ministry of justice and other relevant departments have successively issued relevant countermeasures, the citizens of Anshan still hope to take effective follow-up measures. The Anshan protection and observation office under the Ministry of justice plans to implement one-to-one electronic supervision on Zhao Douchun after he is released from prison, restrict drinking and other special provisions, and work together with the police and the local government to deal with it. In addition, the current two supervisors will be increased to four. Anshan City also decided that by the end of the year, an additional 211 surveillance units would be installed in 64 areas with high crime probability. An official in charge of Anshan City said, although there are many complaints from citizens every day, the local government is powerless. The Ministry of justice and the police with jurisdiction should come forward to solve the problem..

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Suyuan plans to sell coffee after he gets out of prison