Praise from my father-in-law! Gao Shuyuans daughter-in-law

 Praise from my father-in-law! Gao Shuyuans daughter-in-law

Zhao Shuhai calls Gao Yuanyuan a standard daughter-in-law

According to Taiwan media reports, Zhao Youting and Gao Yuanyuan, who are regarded as the perfect couple in the entertainment industry, have a low-key style and rarely mention private life outside. Recently, the 70 year old father-in-law zhao shu talked about family life during his sea show. He said: Gao Yuanyuan is a standard daughter-in-law in Zhaos family.

Zhao Shuhai admits that he has a high demand for life details. For example, the handle of the cup must face the same side. If the handle is on the left, the left hand will open the cabinet, and the hand can easily get the cup, and vice versa. But he stressed that he would sort it out when he saw it personally and didnt want to make everyone suffer.

After hearing this, the host asked curiously, if my son Zhao Youting is wrong, how can Zhao Shuhai deal with it? Zhao Shuhai said, now Zhao Youting has the same virtue with me.. As for Gao Yuanyuan, Zhao Shuhai praised she is the standard daughter-in-law. If the son and daughter-in-law do things wrong, he will teach them together. Zhao Shuhai thinks that since he has come to a new environment, after some time, he should gradually adapt to things, such as where to put things. However, if he does not improve, he will be dissatisfied with this: then what do you do to eat? This is that you are not serious about life.

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Married Gao Yuanyuan for six years

In an exclusive interview with the media, Zhao Youting rarely reveals his daily relationship with Gao Yuanyuans husband and wife. Zhao Youting said that the division of labor at home is very clear. He works outside and Gao Yuanyuan works inside. Its OK to ask him to do household chores. But if he wants him to buy daily necessities, he doesnt know which one is better, and he doesnt want to compare them. Therefore, he basically gives them to his wife. Although Gao Yuanyuan is good at home, he still supports his wifes comeback. Im also her fan, and Ive been encouraging her In the baby is also relatively stable, its time to shoot.

When asked to mention him, always crown Gao Yuanyuan husband, can you hurt self-esteem? He also generously replied what a wonderful thing. He would not mind at all, because this is the fact. He frankly said that it was natural for him to marry and have a daughter. Because the original family was very happy, he was also very calm, stable and secure. Maybe this was also the characteristic of Gao Yuanyuan. Similarly, Gao Yuanyuan also gave him a lot of sense of security: trust and rely on each other, two people Its a husband and wife and a best friend.

It is reported that Zhao Youting married Gao Yuanyuan in 2014, and welcomed the birth of his baby daughter last year. The couple only came back gradually until recently. The family is very happy.

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