Jinsha wrote in response to the rejection of the grand occasion: I am much slower than I thought

 Jinsha wrote in response to the rejection of the grand occasion: I am much slower than I thought

Netease Entertainment reported on November 19, on the evening of November 18, Jinsha sent a long article on her personal social platform in response to the rejection of the grand occasion, saying that she was much slower than expected.

Recently, in the variety show daughters in love, ushered in whether to continue dating the decision day. In the program, Jinsha did not choose to continue dating with the event.

Late at night, Jinsha sent a long response, she said: after watching this episode of the program, I am much slower than I thought. Many viewers are very tolerant to me, and some people cant help me to make complaints about them. I can just balance my regret.

When it comes to suggestions for female audiences, she said that both sides must be given enough time to get along with each other, so that it is not easy to create regret. She also said that if the grand occasion is ready to be presented in person, the result may be different.

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KinSas view on marriage

Netease Entertainment reported on October 22, in the variety show daughters love, Jinsha expressed her views on marriage. She said that she could not marry casually because she felt guilty to her parents. She did not know how to force herself.

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Jinshas views on marriage (source: Netease Entertainment)

After the program, she also wrote about: although she has not been married, she is very sorry for her parents, but she cant force herself to marry at will. To get my parents and I to make sure that my marriage is meaningful, I feel that these two things are contradictory at present. She hopes that in the future, she can find a person who can be a good father, have a child, love themselves, and happy family.

In addition, in the comments section of Jinshas post, she revealed to netizens that she had frozen her eggs very early.

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Off the list? 39 year old Jinsha and mysterious man in couples clothes shopping show sweetness

Netease Entertainment reported on October 17 that on October 17, a netizen photographed Jinsha walking out of the street with a mysterious man, and his suspected love affair was exposed. On that day, Jinsha was wearing a white shirt and skirt, and her makeup was very delicate. The mysterious man also wore a white shirt, which was completely a couples dress. From the photo, Jinshas smile cant hide completely, and her eyes are full of love.

Two people into a shop waiting for food, during the period has been talking and laughing, Jinsha seems to be still voice chat with friends, the voice hole of the mobile phone to the man, I do not know whether they are common friends. Some media confirmed the relevant personnel of Jinsha studio, and the other party said: we dont know about the private affairs of artists, and we also expect artists to harvest love as soon as possible.

Before that, Jinsha posted a black-and-white photo of herself on her microblog and posted an article revealing her criteria for choosing a mate. She wrote: I dont think about those born in the 1980s. There is a generation gap. Fans have commented in the comments: sister, do you think I have a chance after 90?

Jinsha, born in 1981, talked about making her debut as a junior sister of Lin Junjie in an interview. She confessed that relying on Lin Junjies light, just like riding a free ride, came to a world full of rainbows, but most of the rainbow had nothing to do with herself. Jinsha also expressed her gratitude to Lin Junjie, saying that there were not many people in China who could be Lin Junjies younger martial sister. She felt very lucky. But at the same time, Jinsha also regretted: but I also lost the part of being alone on the stage and attracting everyone through my charm.

Does Jinsha refuse to recommend the event with low EQ? Jinsha, with her mothers surname Zhang Shaogang, said to her father that she was too embarrassed. Jinsha responds to the scandal with Li Zhinan: she wont choose my good brother. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251

Jinsha refuses the grand occasion