Liu danbin, Feng Jianghui Private equity tycoon teach you to speculate in stocks? Fake!

 Liu danbin, Feng Jianghui Private equity tycoon teach you to speculate in stocks? Fake!

Next, follow the fund king to have a look at these private Li Gui routines.

On November 18, Beijings well-known private placement of Xingshi investment issued a solemn statement: Recently, it was reported that someone engaged in related illegal securities activities in the name of the company and its Chairman Jiang Hui, and borrowed the name of asset management era, the organization should have a mission. The specific performance includes but is not limited to: registering micro signal to promote stocks in the name of Xingshi investment Jianghui and holding live studio teaching Investors are lured to download and transfer to the app named CAITONG institution for the reasons of recommending stocks and issuing new shares.

In order to avoid being cheated by investors and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company and its employees, Xingshi investment solemnly stated that the company and its chairman, Jiang Hui, have never engaged in illegal securities activities such as live broadcasting room teaching and stock recommendation in the name of asset management era, institutions should have a mission, and never used wechat, webcast and other Internet tools, platforms and live meetings To recommend stocks, recommend products or provide investment advice and other illegal securities activities.

Xingshi investment further said, in view of the situation of using our company and our chairman Jiang Hui to carry out relevant illegal securities activities such as in the great era of asset management, the organization should have a mission to undertake , etc., our company has reported a case to the public security organ, and will continue to actively cooperate with the public security organ, industry and commerce, and securities and futures regulatory authorities to crack down on relevant illegal securities activities.

Fund Jun tried to open the so-called asset management era institutions should have a mission live studio address, but at present can not obtain the site configuration.

Coincidentally, on September 11 this year, 10 billion private investment in Baoyin also issued an announcement. Recently, the company received a report of online fraud by using the companys name, registered trademark, registered address, contact phone number and other information through the website and mobile app, and stealing the companys industrial and commercial registration information for network fraud.

Baoyin investment said that after verification, the above-mentioned acts are illegal acts of carrying out stock recommendation, investment consultation and other businesses through the Internet in the name of the company without authorization. The company has no branches, subsidiaries and other branches, and has never authorized any person or organization other than the companys employees to carry out any business activities related to investment management in the name of the company.

On September 25th this year, Shanghai famous private placement Shicheng investment also issued the solemn statement on fraud and illegal stock recommendation in the name of our company: it was found that some illegal elements engaged in illegal stock recommendation activities in the name of Shicheng investment and pretended to be our employees through telephone, wechat, app, etc., and fabricated false business information.

Investors are advised to be vigilant and not to log in through name search or QR code scanning provided by others, so as to avoid entering the fake website and app by mistake, and not to pay any suspicious fees blindly, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

Private equity tycoon being falsely named

In addition to these well-known private equity institutions, more than a number of private-equity tycoons have been hit by porcelain. Through investigation, Mr. Fund found that some fraudsters are now posing as well-known private-equity tycoons in the market, such as danbin of Dongfang harbor, Fengliu of Gaoyi asset, Linyuan investment in Linyuan, etc., to attract investors attention, and then to carry out paid real offer guidance, so that investors can buy shares and make profit sharing. But in the end, investors may lose a lot if they speculate in stocks on these virtual platforms.

The fund King searched the official account at random. There were many Dan Bins names. Others used Dan Bins personal photos and micro-blog information. Click in and have a look at the articles, which are generally about the market, stocks, and financial events. Then, they will attach a QR code, add wechat private chat, and have senior teachers teach how to conduct the market. The so-called help retail investors reverse the decline and earn money from major institutions, the target will be shared with you free of charge in the course of action at that time, and also said, the opportunity is only once, dont miss it again This is a great opportunity to get on the bus.

The fund gentleman looked at a few numbers, and behind them were personal registered accounts, and the two-dimensional code scanned out the same micro signal. After adding his wechat friends, he said that he had to ask for a screenshot of funds to help arrange positions in the market. Ask him what is the relationship between him and Dan bin. He said that he is from the same team, but he cant prove it.

There are many WeChat public numbers that are fraudulent by Feng Liu, the managing director of Gao Yi asset. Some of them also use Feng Lius photo as their official account. The official account also shows that the signature of the two public numbers, Bin Bins real strategy and Feng Liu investment, are the same, an ordinary, sincere, loving life person.

It is also through some market guidance articles to add micro signal paid guidance. The fund gentleman randomly added a wechat account named investment road, and it passed quickly. Then he would actively ask the fund Jun about the current capital situation, how to follow the layout and how to divide the profits, such as making profits first and paying later, collecting 50% of the net profits after making profits, and making a settlement. He will also take the past with the stock friend operation of successful case screenshots to attract investors now.

The fund gentleman also asked about his relationship with Feng Liu. He said that he was Feng Lius assistant. Fund gentleman asks him to take what proof? Strength is the best proof, he said.

Mr. fund also found that the common routine of these stock speculators is that the stock market is good this year and it is easy to make money, and investors should actively follow his operation. Also require investors to send a screenshot of funds, and so on.

The official account of Lin Yuan, who used the name of private stock god in Shenzhen, such as the Lin Yuan compound interest investment, was signed by Lin Yuan, chairman of Cci Capital Ltd Lin Yuan, whose main content is also to comment on the market, and then guide investors to add micro signals to make investment guidance.

BlackRock, UBS and other foreign private placement also came to crack down on counterfeit goods

Fund Jun found that in addition to domestic private placement, there are also imitation of foreign capital. For example, in June this year, BlackRock issued a solemn statement on its WeChat official account. The investment company (Shanghai) Limited found that illegal organizations had used the name BlackRock to set up online sales platform and issued false information. This kind of behavior misleads the investors and may cause the uninformed investors to suffer capital losses. Such behavior may have been suspected of violating relevant laws and regulations.

In BlackRocks statement, it was mentioned that an institution named BlackRocks financing and securities lending platform was established in the name of BlackRock without BlackRocks knowledge or approval, and conducted stock financing and securities trading for investors by means of wechat group and live broadcast room teaching. A financial live broadcasting platform claims that by voting for the anchor, the anchor can be selected for the activity of BlackRock looking for 10 billion manipulators.

The fund manager saw the official account of the WeChat public, which is also the number of senior manager of the company.

Another official account of WeChat public, known as BlackRock asset management, is the logo of BlackRock, which is very confusing, but the background is registered by individuals. The article says BlackRock asset management makes people who believe in financial freedom and then attaches wechat, the same routine.

The official account of UBS asset management also issued a solemn statement last year, issuing illegal keywords such as UBS or UBS asset management in the name of WeChat public without authorization, which easily confuses the relevant public to the source of service providers and violates the legitimate rights and interests of UBS and UBS asset management.

UBS asset management states that it has never authorized any person or institution other than the companys employees to conduct any business activities related to investment management and investment consultation in the name of the company. Strongly condemns the infringement and reserves the right to further investigate the legal liability of the relevant parties.

Source: Zhong Qiming, editor in charge of China fund daily_ NF5619