Six major securities companies raise salary collectively? Fixed salary increases by 30percent, fresh students monthly salary is 36000?

 Six major securities companies raise salary collectively? Fixed salary increases by 30percent, fresh students monthly salary is 36000?

On the 18th, a market research picture from alpha consulting became popular in the wechat group of securities dealers.

Among them, the recent salary increase of China CITIC construction investment and the fixed salary of Shenwan Hongyuan are increased by 30%, and the salary of CITIC Securities is increased in an all-round way, while the investment banking department of Haitong Securities gets the most salary increase, and the maximum fixed salary of fresh students can reach 36000! Guotai Junans investment bank clearly raises salary by 30%, CICCs GI department will rise to the same level as Se department.

These are now the head of the securities sector companies, the market value is hundreds of billions.

Is it true or false?

According to Yicai, insiders of many securities companies, such as CITIC Securities and CITIC construction investment, said they had not heard of salary increases for the time being. And Guotai Junan internal in the investment banking department may raise salary, but the specific increase is not clear, at present, no other departments have heard of a pay rise. I didnt hear it was going to rise, but the investment banking sector might. In the past, investment banks mainly rely on High Commission to attract talents. After the registration system, there are many investment bank projects and unstable personnel, which is not conducive to the development of projects. Therefore, the salary increase and retention of personnel may not be as high as that. A medium-sized brokerage said.

According to every report, a medium-sized securities firm investment bank personage said: I think investment banks may have two aspects to consider: first, investment banks have a lot of projects in the past two years and their business volume has increased a lot. The whole industry can be said to be relatively prosperous. The salary increase of front-line employees is also to recruit more effective talents. In addition, it is not easy for the market to find experienced skilled workers. If you allow your peers to raise wages, you will naturally face the problem of brain drain.

Investment bank performance explodes

For the capital market, 2020 is a very unusual year: after the first anniversary of the operation of the science and technology innovation board, the gem registration system was officially launched on August 24. Recently, the regulatory authorities have made it clear that A-share will be fully registered, which is undoubtedly standing in the wind for the intermediary securities companies in the capital market.

As of the beginning of November, the number of IPOs this year has been 316, compared with 156 in the same period last year and 202 in the whole year of last year; the amount of IPO raised since this year was 392.973 billion yuan, compared with 174.753 billion yuan in the same period of last year and 253.367 billion yuan in the whole year of last year. The initial fund-raising amount in the first 10 months of this year has far exceeded that of the whole year of 2019.

According to the statistics of Dongfang fortune choice, CITIC Securities, China CITIC construction investment and Haitong Securities ranked among the top three in terms of listed securities companies, with net income of 4.493 billion yuan, 3.945 billion yuan and 3.869 billion yuan respectively.

How high is the monthly salary of securities companies?

Among them, the average monthly salary of CICC employees in the first half of the year was 104500 yuan. In addition, the average salary of six securities companies exceeded 300000 yuan in the first half of the year. Among them, the average salary of CITIC Securities was 397400 yuan in the first half of the year, ranking second, while that of China Merchants Securities, China Galaxy and Huatai Securities was 383800 yuan, 373600 yuan and 347800 yuan respectively.

In the first half of the year, the average salary of CSCI was 310200 yuan, 87200 yuan less than that of CITIC Securities, ranking sixth among 10 securities companies.

The average salary of Haitong Securities, Guotai Junan and shenwanhongyuan exceeded 250000 yuan in the first half of the year.

However, it should be noted that the average salary is only used as a reference and can not fully represent the incentive mechanism of securities companies. If you find that you are average, dont doubt that you have entered the fake securities company. You can only say that the salary is based on performance, but managed according to the functional management sequence and business sequence (research, brokerage, investment banking, self support, asset management, etc.), there is a large internal difference, and most of the salary may have interference factors of last years year-end bonus. The average is difficult to accurately reflect the salary status of every staff in the securities industry, but the fluctuation of the average can also explain some problems to a certain extent.