Zhou Xingchi is in Wenfengs debt collection for 70 million yuan

 Zhou Xingchi is in Wenfengs debt collection for 70 million yuan

Yu Wenfeng arrived at the court at about 10:30 this morning. She was wearing a mask, sunglasses and a beige suit. Instead of appearing in court in the morning, she stayed in a room to study legal documents with her lawyer. At about 12:30 p.m., she left the court accompanied by a number of lawyers. It was estimated that she was going out to have dinner. She did not accept the reporters interview. The trial continued at 2:00 p.m.

It is reported that Yu Wenfengs appeal involves the profits of Zhou Xingchis investment in three units and five parking spaces in the peak luxury house Tianbi Gao and bihuali mountain in Tai Po from 2002 to 2010, as well as the profits of the investment fund. Yu Wenfeng said that although there was no contract signed at that time, there was an oral agreement between the two sides, allowing her to take 10% of Zhou Xingchis investment profits. But Zhou Xingchi pointed out that although they had been in contact for 13 years, they said they would share the investment profits with her, but that was just a love talk in love, not a commitment to establish a legal relationship.

Yu Wenfeng, on the other hand, believed that Yu Wenfeng signed a contract with Stephen Chows Xinghui overseas for the first time in April 2002, and became the financial consultant of Xinghui overseas with a monthly salary of HK $20000. At that time, both parties had reached a consensus that Yu Wenfeng could share the profits of Zhou Xingchi. Finally, the two sides reached an agreement on a 10% share after the Christmas Day negotiations of the same year. As for the sky high project, the lawyer said that at the beginning, Stephen Chow was going to reserve one of the independent houses for self occupancy, so it should not be regarded as an investment.

Each of the relevant recommendations has its own word! Zhou Xingchi recovered 70 million investment by his predecessor_ NBJS11395