Why should we object to the fierce fighting between technology enterprises?

 Why should we object to the fierce fighting between technology enterprises?

The former is oppos 3 + N + X science and technology transition strategy facing the new technology era, while the latter is the new science and technology concept elaborated by oppo.

From the proposal of oppo is no longer just a mobile phone company in 2019 and the ecology of all things in harmony, to the specific new science and technology strategy and scientific and technological concept one year later, it represents that oppo has completed a clear top-level strategy, innovation methodology and ability system in the coming decade.

Chen Mingyong, founder and CEO of oppo, said in the meeting that oppo is committed to becoming a truly great brand, and Zhishan is oppos choice.

From duty persistence to good innovation

For science and technology enterprises, based on their own ideas, business thinking, advantages and development stages and other factors, there will be obvious differences in the choice of technological innovation mode.

For example, tuyere innovation and disruptive innovation with hot concepts in the first two years, and radical innovation, micro innovation and even fear innovation emphasized by many science and technology enterprises.

However, science and technology itself does not have any tendency. As the fire of civilization born from the first tool, its origin and goal have never changed: to realize human dream and create a better life, rather than become a destroyer of society and commerce.

This is also an important reason why many excellent science and technology enterprises have begun to emphasize good and inclusive in their new vision in the past two years, as well as oppos announcement of good innovation.

In fact, oppo has always been a special existence in Chinese technology enterprises in terms of corporate culture and management: when Internet enterprises launched 996 and strict KPI end elimination, the enterprise did not even set clear KPI for employees and dealers; when Chinas mobile phones were in a Internet marketing war, Chen Mingyong repeatedly stressed in the company If you are attacked, you cant defend yourself, let alone slander your friends. oppo has never analogized or hanged competitors.

Chen Mingyong believes that oppo must be vigilant against the harm caused by short-term emotional provocation and slander and attack pour out emotions, cause overreaction and often make people lose their rationality. This will make science and technology lose its original meaning, and will also bring miscalculation and harm to enterprise operation and management.

The founders personality and enterprise growth experience jointly determine the corporate culture and values, and corporate culture and values will affect the formulation and implementation of its strategy. Oppos duty is not a small group, but has experienced a long-term adherence and evolution process.

Chen Mingyong was born in the rural area of Wanyuan City, Sichuan Province. The Daba Mountain is remote and barren. Villagers sometimes have disputes or even fights over water diversion from the reservoir, planting trees, and livestock entering the farmland. Chen Mingyong graduated from Guangdong in 1992 and joined Bubugao. This is a company with integrity and responsibility as its cultural gene. It is also a legendary case of Evergreen Foundation in the history of Chinese science and technology business. Until now, its success story will be adopted by many business schools and business media reports.

The concept of competition formed in rural life and agricultural production 40 years ago came to the science and technology industry. With the fierce commercial competition and the accelerated technology iteration cycle, some enterprises would carry out fear innovation and fierce fraud because they were afraid that they would be eliminated. For example, they were keen on competing for the first batch, and were prone to sling, crush and even blatant words It still stays in the agricultural era of resource shortage, far away from the origin and significance of scientific and technological innovation.

At the beginning of its establishment, oppo has inherited and established the core values of the enterprise. Chen Mingyong once said: duty can let us know what to do and what not to do, and always be calm, objective and rational. Duty requires every oppo person never to think from the interests, but to think about the right and wrong, do the right thing.

In the history of oppos development, there are many unexpected frustrations. For example, in the process of transformation to smart phones, oppo misjudged the Chinese market based on the experience of global transformation rhythm, resulting in overstocking of orders in the upstream supply chain and hoarding of downstream channel products. Generally speaking, many enterprises will choose to dump the pot to transfer their own risks. Oppo did not evade. Even if there was no valid contract signed, it decided to fulfill its promise and accomplish what it should do. The more difficult and rough times, the more you can see the background of the enterprise. Oppos duty culture has been fully trusted by its partners, and has become the precious wealth and moat of oppo.

In oppos view, competition is not necessarily life and death. The electronic consumer market is huge enough, and the track width allows many players to compete with each other in a healthy way, rather than falling into a trap or even meeting with a knife and a sword. Go Master Wu Qingyuan once said: the real go master is that you surround your territory, and I surround my territory. We may not have any fight. We have already seen each other.. Chen Mingyong highly agrees with this.

Good innovation announced by oppo today is a kind of science and technology idealism, but it is the strength of science and technology returning to the original in this era. China is the most competitive market for smart phones and mobile Internet in the world. We need great technology enterprises, and all greatness regard technology as a means to create good things, rather than a tool to cut down competitors and harvest users.

This is perhaps the broader significance of oppos good innovation to our thinking and discussion.

Oppo defines the strategy of science and technology transition

At the 2019 future science and technology conference, oppo put forward the observation of the era of all things in harmony and the judgment that there will be no pure mobile phone enterprises in the whole industry in the future. Now, these two concepts have become the consensus of the industry. But oppo, as a traditional intelligent hardware enterprise, how to move from ideal to reality is a continuous topic of concern in the industry.

At the 2020 future science and technology conference one year later, oppo gave the answer with the 3 + N + X science and technology transition strategy.

Software capability is also the basic ability in the era of integration of all things, and it is also the most obvious technology field of oppo in recent years. For example, after many accumulations and polishing, the obvious system level evolutionary innovation ability emerged from coloros 7.0, and coloros has realized the rapid landing of IOT products such as TV and watch in the past year.

The technology is compatible with each other, and the software is regarded as the core of the ecological system. At the same time, it will also realize the comprehensive system software capabilities such as distributed collaboration, end cloud integration and service integration through multi terminal shared basic software, component-based system architecture and one-stop engineering platform, so as to support the product innovation experience in the era of multi terminal, multi scene and multi market integration of everything.

Service capability mainly refers to oppos Internet operation and support capabilities, including four basic technical capabilities, namely cloud computing, big data, machine learning and intelligent services. Oppo is now the main mobile Internet service provider in the world, with more than 1.7 billion application ecological daily distribution, more than 330 million service ecological daily distribution, and more than 280 million monthly live users of content ecology. Facing the era of integration of all things, service capability is related to users multi terminal and multi scene experience, and it is also oppos great innovation imagination in the future.

N represents the technical capability center of oppo, including artificial intelligence, security and privacy, multimedia, interconnection and other core technology fields.

Taking interconnection as an example, oppoheythings IOT platform is one of the important IOT ecological platforms in China, and has established cooperative relations with more than 30 brands such as Midea and aux. Vehicle engine interconnection is also an important part of oppos interconnection capability. Through the resource coordination and ability transfer between the vehicle and the machine, it realizes the functions of senseless car key, remote vehicle control and intelligent screen projection, and makes the mobile phone a personal assistant in the travel scene, providing convenient and safe experience for users to travel.

In 2019, oppo announced to invest 50 billion R & D budget in the next three years, including 5g, artificial intelligence, AR, big data and other cutting-edge technology tracks. For oppo, n is the definite direction of technology evolution, and also the aggregation variable of technology investment, product innovation and ecological building in the future.

X represents oppo differentiation technology, which brings disruptive innovation of products and obvious leap forward of user experience. For example, oppovooc flash charging technology is very representative.

Chinese users use mobile phones for 6.2 hours a day, and with the impact of the epidemic, the popularity of online office and online learning is still growing. At the same time, 5g and IOT technologies are accelerating the power consumption of smart phones. However, in the case that the existing battery technology can not make a major breakthrough, how to ease the users mobile phone power consumption anxiety? After two years of research and development, oppo launched the vooc flash charging technology, which has become the industrys best solution for battery life and the leading innovation direction of the whole industry.

Charging for five minutes and talking for two hours has become a strong mental connection of oppo with high user recognition, and has become a powerful product innovation engine to boost oppo to become the worlds top mobile phone brand. According to a user survey conducted by oppo, more than 20% of users choose oppo mobile phones, focusing on the fast charging factor. Now oppo Research Institute has set up a special Ionosphere Laboratory, focusing on the exploration and research of advanced technologies including flash charging.

As a leader of high-power charging, oppo is also a leader in the industry. After insight into the portability pain caused by the bulky charger, oppo also launched the oppo50w super flash biscuit charger, which will officially start on December 12.

Liu Chang, vice president of oppo and President of the Research Institute, stressed at the press conference that oppo will invest strategic resources to create a number of differentiated innovative technologies that are used but cant go back.

At the 2020 future science and technology conference, another link that was brushed by media and users was oppos three concept products representing future technology and 3 + N + X strategic thinking

Oppox2021 scroll screen concept machine is an important exploration of oppo in the mobile phone terminal shape direction. Different from the current folding screen shape, the electric rotating shaft design allows users to freely choose the screen size from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches, and can achieve almost zero crease screen effect. For this reason, oppo has arranged 122 patents, including 12 core patents related to reel mechanism.

Oppoarglass2021 is a further upgrade of oppos exploration of virtual reality integration digital world. The new generation of AR glasses adopts split design, which has significantly improved the wearing experience, optical scheme, interactive mode and content ecology compared with the previous generation. For example, it is equipped with a space positioning system composed of TOF lens and binocular fish eye camera, which can complete the space positioning calculation in millisecond level, and finally achieve the positioning accuracy of centimeter level and within 1 degree.

Cyberreal full time space computing ar application is a digital twin platform of oppo, which can provide high-precision full-time positioning and scene recognition, and realize the integration experience between physical world and digital world. This technology has now been exploring commercial use in the business circle of Chinas core cities.

From this point of view, the 3 + N + X strategy is actually a solid technical base supporting oppo to enter the era of Internet of things through science and technology, and create new products, new experiences and new ecology. This is the first time that oppo has clearly announced its science and technology innovation strategy in the past decade, and it is also the core technology driving force of oppos good innovation from ideal to reality.

Long time activist oppo

In the past two years, both the technology industry and the investment community have been advocating a common concept: long-term ism.

There are two reasons for this change: one is that dividends are fading, and short and fast is not working; second, the competitors have no threshold, and enterprises without the advantage of moat are easily overtaken by the later.

Therefore, technology enterprises begin to choose to advance technology research and development to the next 5-6 years, which requires strong continuous investment, and also needs to accurately judge the technology trend and user demand. This is the core competitiveness that long-term ism can bring to enterprises.

Oppo, which adheres to its own corporate culture, is the representative brand and beneficiary of long-term doctrine of Chinese science and technology enterprises.

From the MP3, MP4, DVD and Blu ray era, oppo has been deeply involved in the audio-visual electronic products industry. In 2008, oppo made mobile phones for the first time. At that time, it was the era of functional machines. Before officially launching the first A103 smiling face mobile phone, oppo did a year and a half of pre research. As a matter of fact, the first batch of military training aircraft has reached the market level. Oppo kept on polishing and improving for more than half a year, setting the slowest record for the industry to launch new products at that time. However, once the A103 smiling face mobile phone was launched, the response was warm and the sales volume exceeded one million. Its the best reward the market and users give to the long-term activists.

For example, oppo emphasizes the concept of only for the good, not only for winning. With fierce competition in the mobile phone market, oppo often encounters attacks from friends in the domestic market. However, Chen Mingyong stressed internally that oppo must be alert to the harm caused by short-term emotional provocation. When others throw stones at you, do you want to throw them back? The result of tearing each other without bottom line between the two enterprises must be a double loss, and the damage to brand reputation can not be measured.

The biggest benefit of short-term behavior is short-term gain, and the biggest loss is long-term loss, Chen Mingyong stressed at the oppo2020 science and technology conference.

Two interesting examples are very interesting: when oppo chose to enter the European market, it was found that the R series trademark was defensive preemptive registered by another Chinese brand, and there was a corresponding staff member who treated the person in his own way. After knowing that, Chen Mingyong made a severe internal criticism and took the initiative to apologize to the other party. Up to now, the other party is also embarrassed.

Another example is oppos decision to enter the bottom hardware long-term track, which urgently needs top talents from senior industries. The HR team later found out that there was a company in Taiwan, whose technical backbone wanted to leave and especially wanted to visit the mainland. The hesitation of HR team is that this enterprise is also a very important partner of oppo.

For oppo, long-term doctrine is not only the enterprise strategy, but also the integration of responsibility culture into all aspects of the implementation of oppo. This is the secret of oppo as a beneficiary of long-term doctrine.

Chen Mingyong respected Chinese culture and studied western management culture. From Wang Yangmings to conscience and unity of knowledge and practice to understand business competition and human nature. In Wang Yangmings view, people have a good side, but some things are temporarily covered up. Reflected in the commercial competition, the original intention of starting a business or running a company to provide value for the society is often covered up, so we need to remind ourselves frequently.

When reading the western philosopher Kants proposition that your humanity and other humans humanity should be regarded as an end at any time, not as a means, Chen Mingyong deeply believed.

There are different philosophical systems between the East and the west, but peoples search for the origin and the pursuit of beauty and goodness are consistent. To build a man by his own desire is the unification of eastern and Western cultures and philosophies. Corresponding to oppos enterprise management and innovation, Chen Mingyong put forward the brand belief of science and technology for human beings, and for the good of the world. The starting point of science and technology is people, and so is the technology enterprise. In terms of innovation, oppo puts forward good innovation.

According to one observation, from last years oppo future science and technology conference to this years proposal of good innovation and 3 + N + X science and technology transition strategy, this process reflects oppos in-depth thinking on the new technology transformation in the next decade, as well as the complete capability system in top-level strategy, innovation methodology and product landing selection. In this process, oppos duty corporate culture has also completed the evolution and transition in the dimension of technology and innovation.

Business competition is extremely cruel, but great enterprises have one thing in common: while completing their business mission, they will also have their own faith and ideal realization. As the brilliant fire of human civilization, science and technology has only one original and ultimate goal: to better serve people, to create a better world, rather than become a weapon for commercial plunder and harvesting users. This is also the fundamental reason why oppo, as a long-distance runner in Chinas science and technology enterprises, has been able to go through different technology and business cycles, and still be able to gain the continuous trust of partners, the long-term love of users, and even the respect of competitors.

As Chen Mingyong said: oppo is committed to becoming a truly great brand, and Zhishan is oppos choice. Oppo has long believed in another possibility and hopes to achieve a good world through good innovation.

Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of observation_ NB12679