Differentiation of property market regulation: one side is to prevent rising, the other is to prevent falling

 Differentiation of property market regulation: one side is to prevent rising, the other is to prevent falling

On November 15, 2020, the smog weather will continue to appear in Harbin, with choking air and low visibility. According to the investigation of relevant departments, the heavy pollution weather in Harbin city is caused by the burning of straw in the neighboring rural areas of Jilin Province. Photo source: Peoples vision

Since the second half of this year, a new round of real estate regulation has begun. In many cities, while tightening the real estate policy, there are also cities in reverse to relax control, Harbin is one of them.

According to the Northeast network in charge of Heilongjiang provincial Party committee, Harbin Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development recently issued a notice, proposing 14 specific measures to support the real estate industry, in order to actively deal with the difficulties caused by the epidemic to the production and operation of real estate and construction enterprises and to ensure the stable and healthy development of the real estate and construction industry in the whole city.

From the content of the notice, there are two main aspects of supporting the real estate policy in Harbin.

One is to relax the housing loan policy. In terms of provident fund loans, the circular proposed that the age of individual housing provident fund loans for female cadres at the county level and female professional and technical personnel with senior professional titles should be adjusted from 55 years old to 60 years old; flexible employees can apply for loans by continuously paying the provident fund for six months. In terms of commercial loans, the circular said it would support commercial banks and financial institutions such as Harbin Bank to provide the same policy support for residential apartment products to enjoy residential mortgage loans.

Second, encourage real estate enterprises to sell with profit. It is clear in the notice that from now on to December 31, 2020, development enterprises will be supported and encouraged to further sell the newly-built commercial houses such as residential houses and residential apartments to the people who buy houses. On this basis, more preferential policies will be given to those who purchase houses for special contribution groups such as Hubei aid personnel, anti epidemic honorees and so on. The government will assess the sales of profit making enterprises and give them commendations and awards. For the districts and counties (cities) with great downward pressure on the sales of newly-built commercial housing, timely report the inventory, sales volume and downward pressure of Local Newly-built commercial housing, and actively guide and encourage enterprises to sell newly-built commercial housing by means of discount promotion and group purchase according to the market situation.

Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of the E-House Research Institute, told the interface news that the new deal of Harbin property market has sent an obvious signal of saving the market, which is in line with the guidance of one city, one policy.

National Bureau of statistics data show that in recent months, Harbin second-hand housing prices in a continuous adjustment trend. In June, local second-hand house prices fell 0.9% month on month, ranking the third among the 70 large and medium-sized cities in which the data were collected. In September, Harbins second-hand house prices fell 0.7% month on month, ranking the first in 70 cities.

Yan Yuejin said that the relaxation of provident fund loans and price reduction and other measures will play a positive role in attracting home buyers to the market, stimulating housing consumption and speeding up project sales of real estate enterprises.

Harbin is not the first city to send a rescue signal since the second half of the year, but it is more noticeable because of its provincial capital status. On November 5, a press conference was held in Binzhou City, Shandong Province, which made it clear that efforts should be made to stimulate the market consumption vitality in five aspects, including the housing sector, promoting the real estate certificate processing, carrying out the consumption voucher activity, and enlarging the pulling effect of real estate consumption.

In addition, on November 12, the planning and Construction Bureau of the economic and Technological Development Zone of Zhangzhou Investment Promotion Bureau said at the forum of real estate enterprises that it was currently issuing specific rules or measures according to the requirements of a number of measures, and issued policies to support the purchase of houses by employees of enterprises entering the zone and college students.

According to interface news statistics, since August, the second-hand housing market has cooled significantly. In September, among the 70 major large and medium-sized cities, the number of cities with a month on month increase in second-hand housing prices decreased from 43 in August to 25, and further reduced to 10 in October.

Source: editor in charge of interface news: Chen Hequn_ NB12679