The new Lu Ding Ji has been criticized badly. Whats the name of aobais home

 The new Lu Ding Ji has been criticized badly. Whats the name of aobais home reported that Zhang Yishans deer tripod was recently hit by a bad review in November 19th. Many netizens make complaints about the historical facts in the drama.

For example, the story of Chen Xin Lu Ding was written by the aobai family, and he was on the hot search. This topic also caused netizens to discuss - what is the name of aobais home?

Some netizens speculated that the mode of surname + government should be strictly followed.

Aobai is a native of the yellow flag of Manchuria, whose surname is guaerjia. So should he write guaerjia house or simply Gua Fu?

But that doesnt sound right.

In fact, in history, Manchu people used to call their first names but not their surnames. In the book yangjizhaiconglu written by the people of the Qing Dynasty, it is clearly pointed out that the first character of a persons name is called Ruo ran if he does not give a surname to any public or private document.

In other words, Manchu people in Qing Dynasty usually do not mention surnames when they mention their first names. They often use the first word in their names as surnames.

Therefore, it is true that aobai was called AODA and Hetian was called Hedan.

The reporter looked through the historical records and found that even in the memorials to the emperor at that time, the signature was only aobai in Manchu, without a surname.

In this way, the saying guaerjia Oboi was not common in peoples daily life at that time.

Other netizens began to discuss the issue of government.

The construction of the Royal Palace in Qing Dynasty has its own customization. The rules and regulations of each grade mansion, including the basic height of the grade and the tile used, are specified in the case of the Great Qing Dynasty convention, Ministry of work and Dizhai.

At that time, people passed the royal family, there was strict etiquette, and those who were lower than the master level had to go down and salute. The ceremony of the Qing Dynasty u00b7 ceremony Department u00b7 meeting ceremony is clear. For example, when passing by the princes mansion and the royal palace gate, the princes and the entourage can directly beat the horse, but Baylor needs to bow to the horse, and his followers must dismount.

Among them, the residences of princes, princes, princes, Bailes, and other clans are called Fu; beyond this scope, even if there are Marquises, their residences can only be called Di or Homestead.

However, aobai was not the royal family of the Qing Dynasty, although it was in a high position during the reign of Emperor Kangxi.

Therefore, it is not qualified to call aobais home Fu. But if we call it strictly according to the standard of Fu and Di, is aobais home called Aodi?

It doesnt feel right either.

This is actually related to the different understanding of the plaque outside the house in ancient and modern times.

A scholar who is engaged in the study of Qing Dynasty history told the reporter that in ancient times, the inscribed board outside the house generally indicated that the family had produced some figures or events worthy of boasting. For example, shangshudi and Yushi Di indicated that there had been corresponding officials, while number one scholar and Jinshi Di showed their achievements in scientific examination.

Therefore, these plaques are not symbols with the meaning of road signs as understood by people today, but rather a symbol of identity and honor.

As for his title, it has something to do with his family name.

According to historical records, during the Yongzheng period, the emperor restored the reputation of aobai: Fuyi Dukes, and then named Chaowu Gong.

Therefore, we can see in the Qing Dynastys Chen Yuan Zhi Lue that the first-class super Wu Gong Di is in dongtangzi Hutong. The first-class super Wu Gong Di here is the home of aobai. (end)

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Zhang Yishans good reputation should be smashed? The painting style of the new deer tripod is mutated and the criticism is not rigorous? The name of aobai house is written as Ao Fu in the new Lu Ding Ji. Source: Liu Jiaxin, editor in charge of China News Network_ NBJS11395